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Cell & Gene Therapy - T Cell Manufacturing

T cells exert multiple functions that are critical for immune responses, and these properties can be harnessed and redirected by a variety of immunotherapy strategies. CAR-T cells and TCR transgenic T cells are designed to target specific tumor antigens and to respond with anti-tumor activities. This may be cytotoxic activity directed at the tumor cells, secretion of cytokines that support local immune responses, or development of long-term anti-tumor immunity.

T cells have a variety functions, all essential for immune responses. These characteristics are capable of being utilized by several immunotherapy strategies.

T Cell Manufacturing

Learn more about our T cell manufacturing capabilities on this page, or by contacting our custom services team to get your experimental workflow needs tailored exactly to your specifications.

T Cell
Cloudz for isolation and cell culture for T cells

Isolation and Cell Culture for T Cells

Expand T cell cultures from PBMCs or purified CD3+ PBMCs with our ProDots™ proteins, ExCellerate™ media, and Cloudz™ cell activation kit. These culture tools are optimized for use with each other. We offer directly comparable RUO and GMP grades for seamless transition from research to manufacturing.

Cell selection

Cell Selection

Cell culture

Cell Culture Media

Bioactive cytokines

Bioactive Cytokines

  • GMP ProDots proteins are formulated as dissolvable spheres enclosed inside sterile, weldable bags for closed processing cytokine addition.
  • Animal-free GMP proteins are produced in dedicated controlled-access laboratories to prevent potential contamination by animal components or byproducts.
Small molecules

Small Molecules

GMP small molecules promote directed differentiation - our ancillary grade small molecules facilitate transition from research-use to GMP.

GMP Cloudz human T cell activation kit

Cell Activation Kits

The GMP Cloudz human T cell activation kit is based on dissolvable CD3/CD28 microspheres for >50-fold expansion of CD25+CD69+ T cells from PBMCs.

Gene editing

Gene Engineering for T Cells

We offer solutions for both non-viral and virus-based gene editing. Our TcBuster™ technology, powered by R&D Systems, is a non-viral transposon system that provides stable integration of your gene of interest (GOI) into any cell type. Our in-house Process Development Services can streamline any gene modified workflow.

Partner With Us To Achieve Your Goals

TcBuster™ Gene Transfer System

TcBuster™ Gene Transfer System

  • Improved integration rates compared to traditional methods
  • Rapid generation of transgenic mammalian cells with stable transgene expression
  • Use is not restricted by licensing
  • Does not provoke anti-viral immune responses
cIEF and CE-SDS analysis with Maurice

Vector Characterization with Instruments by ProteinSimple

Bio-Techne GMP Facility for Manufacturing GMP-Grade T-Cell products

Contract Development and Manufacturing

  • ISO7 cleanrooms for manufacturing GMP-grade engineered cells or processing Phase I/II trial samples
  • Advance to clinical testing in 4 months
  • Learn more about GMP CDMO Process Development Services

See the Data: CAR Insertion Into Primary T Cells

Comparison graph of T cell integration efficiency of transposition and transduction

Insertion of a CD19 CAR into primary human T cells. The integration efficiency with transposition is slightly higher than with transduction.

Comparison graph for killing efficiency of T cell vs NALM6

Gene edited cells were incubated with CD19+ NALM6 cells. Only CD19 CAR-expressing cells were able to kill the NALM6 cells. Both transposed and transduced cells had similar killing efficiency.

T Cell Characterization

Characterize your cells at every manufacturing stage to ensure a robust process. Confirm that they exhibit the correct phenotype and their purity meets your requirements. Our extensive selection of premium reagents and instruments allows you to quickly analyze cell surfaces and secretory profiles and to screen for residual contaminants.

Flow cytometry
Cell function

Cell Function and Potency

  • Luminex® assays multiplex key analytes to confirm phenotype
  • ELISA kits quantify production of single cytokines
  • Simple Plex™ automates multi-analyte T cell secretion profile analysis in 90 minutes, including IFN-gamma, IL-2, TNF-alpha, and dozens more
Tissue biopsy

Tissue Biopsy and T Cell Localization

GCLP-compliant RNAscope™ ISH analysis for clinical and preclinical studies

See the Data: T Cell Analysis

Cytometry T cell analysis graph with CD3 T cells transduced with CD19-CAR

Confirmation of chimeric antigen receptor expression. Human CD4+ CD8+ T cells were transduced with a CD19-CAR (left) or not transduced (right). Cells were stained with recombinant human CD19 Fc Chimera Atto 488 protein to detect chimeric antigen receptor expression by flow cytometry.

T Cell table

Cell culture analysis with Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) discriminates between T cells and residual activation beads based on equivalent circular diameter. The inset shows images of particulates in the sample as captured by MFI. The histogram shows resolution of live cells from activation beads and the ability of MFI to quantitate the number of beads remaining in the sample.

Find Antibodies For T Cell Identification

Explore our interactive cell marker tool to view the cell surface and intracellular markers most used to distinguish different CD4+ helper T cells. All markers are linked to R&D Systems™ antibodies to make finding your antibody easy.

Explore The Interactive Cell Marker Tool

Stem cell

Custom Services

The custom service team is committed to developing optimized solutions to streamline your T cell manufacturing processes. We will work with you to develop and deliver reagents, culture media, and immunoassays that meet your requirements.

  • Cloudz cell activation technology can be customized with a breadth of ligands to drive your specific T cell expansion process.
  • GMP ProDots proteins can be custom packaged for your required cytokine mass in each sterile bag.
  • Custom Antibody Services can optimize your cell selection and phenotyping with GMP antibodies, recombinant antibody engineering, and monoclonal panel development.

Speak With an Expert: Custom Services for Cell & Gene Therapies

Streamline Your Manufacturing Process...

Bio-Techne believes in the power of partnerships. We have joined with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady™ for immune cell therapy manufacturing.

ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by streamlining manufacturing processes across cell culture, cell activation and expansion, gene editing, and cell processing. 

Learn More at

ScaleReady for immune cell therapy manufacturing

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