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At Bio-Techne, we believe teamwork accelerates the development and delivery of transformative immune cell therapies, improving outcomes for more patients and their families.

With that goal in mind, we created ScaleReady, a strategic partnership that provides scalable and cost-effective closed workflow solutions for immune cell therapy manufacturing.

Founded in 2020, ScaleReady brings together the complementary strengths of Bio-Techne reagents, Wilson Wolf bioreactors, and Fresenius Kabi cell processing systems to deliver rapid production of T cells and NK cells at scale – reducing complexity and cost, while providing superior process reproducibility, flexibility, and unmatched cell quality.

ScaleReady is eager to work closely with you to optimize your process, from source material to final product. By partnering with a single passionate team, you will benefit from ScaleReady’s unified application support and in-depth industry experience.

T Cell and NK Cell Expansion

GMP Human IL-2, IL-7, IL-15

Boost your cells with GMP Human IL-2,
IL-7, and IL-15 manufactured in our dedicated animal-free facility. To facilitate your transition to GMP, we also produce preclinical grades of these cytokines with equivalent specifications in the same facility.

Explore GMP Cytokines at ScaleReady

ExCellerate T Cell, NK Cell Expansion Media

Support your cultures with ExCellerate™ cell culture media specifically designed for commercial expansion of immune cell therapeutics. These media are serum-free and xeno-free, with formulations optimized for T cells and NK cells.

Find ExCellerate Immune Cell Expansion Media at ScaleReady

G-Rex Bioreactors

Sidestep the limitations of flask and perfusion-based immune cell expansion. The powerful yet simple G-Rex® bioreactors consistently generate reproducible high-quality cell products while enabling parallel patient processing with high-throughput capacity in an economical footprint.

Discover G-Rex Bioreactors at ScaleReady

Immune Cell Processing

Cue cell processing system

Process your cells at small scale with Cue® for flexibility, user-defined aliquot container number, and fill volume. Cue handles sample concentrating, washing, final formulation, and aliquoting.

Learn More About Cue at ScaleReady

Lovo cell processing system

For large sample volumes, Lovo's® spinning membrane filtration technology enables fast, precise, and flexible procedures to increase your overall operational efficiency and processing consistency.

Find Out More About Lovo at ScaleReady

Non-Viral Gene Editing

Enhance your cell engineering process with TcBuster™, a non-viral gene transfer system that solves the bottlenecks facing viral vector-based editing. TcBuster will help you shorten your timeline, integrate larger cargo sizes at high efficiency, and reduce your cost of genetic modification.

Learn More About TcBuster Gene Delivery System at ScaleReady

Non-viral Gene Editing with TcBuster