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Become a Certified Service Provider

We are excited to introduce our new Certified Service Provider (CSP) program. Our customers have asked us to help ensure that their partners are fully proficient in the use of our instruments. Our CSP certification will help them sleep better at night knowing they are in good hands. Plus, it enhances your reputation and provides several opportunities to promote your company. Maurice™ and Wes™ certification is available now with more instruments to come, including Jess­™ and Ella™. Stay tuned.

ProteinSimple Instrument family of automated platforms for protein research applications

The Benefits of Being a CSP

  • Be recognized as a Certified Service Provider on our website. Stand out from the others
  • Receive priority invitations to present in our Technical Seminars at major scientific conferences
  • Be invited to present in our globally-broadcast webinars
  • Be first in line to evaluate new applications, instruments and other research products with the potential to present and/or publish results
  • Be referred by us to companies asking for your services. This is additional business for you.

How to Become a CSP

Learn about our instruments at the Bio-Techne Academy and pass an examination. Most experienced instrument users can already pass. Simply run the study protocol and achieve the required results. Then, you will be the certified subject matter expert at your site and you will be listed as a CSP on our website. In a year, do it again to be recertified. Sponsors need to provide training documentation to regulatory agencies.

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Additional Resources

The Bio-Techne Academy offers additional instrument training for free. Have questions about our instruments or our CSP program? Contact us or check with your local Field Application Scientist.

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