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Clinical Immuno-Oncology

We are committed to advancing immuno-oncology and unlocking its full clinical potential by providing solutions to workflow challenges that exceed the expectations for product quality, instrument performance, and comprehensive support.

Accelerate your immuno-oncology clinical research with our extensive range of GMP compliant and ISO certified solutions and services.

Biomarker Detection


Custom Assay Services

Looking to develop custom IVD assays for your biomarker discovery? We’re hands-on with our custom assay services so that you can be hands-off and concentrate on developing ground-breaking immuno-therapies.


IVD RNAscope Assays

Be sure what you see is what you get - don’t settle for standard transcriptomics. Our IVD RNAscope™ technology enables you to identify RNA expression patterns and localization at the single cell level while maintaining the spatial and morphologic context critical for clinical relevance.

Exosome services

Exosome Services

Ground-breaking biomarker discovery doesn’t have to be difficult! We understand that exosomes are the next frontier and we offer our Exosome Diagnostics services so that you can focus on your work! From GMP exosome isolation to nucleic acid and protein biomarker detection – our exosome services have got you covered.

Therapeutic Efficacy Testing

Luminex Assay Gradient Hero Cell

Multiplex with Luminex®

Highly flexible assays allow you to select only the analytes you want to investigate. 


Quantikine™ Single Analyte Analysis

Explore the most cited ELISA kits in the market, encompassing over 600 assays across seven species. 

Ella instrument with assorted cartridges

Real-Time Data with Simple Plex™ Assays

Optimize efficiency and conserve valuable samples with Simple Plex assays on the automated Ella platform. Ella minimizes user error and provides results in just 90 minutes.

Cell Therapy & Engineering

Car T Cell

Immune Cell Therapy Workflow Solutions

Accelerate the path from bench to bedside. Find RUO, preclinical and GMP reagents and analytical platforms to mitigate risks and boost reproducibility in your cell therapy development and manufacturing workflow.

Gene Edited Cell

Non-viral Genome Engineering

Avoid risks associated with viral gene engineering. Develop your CAR-T and CAR-NK cell lines faster with the non-viral transposon-based TcBuster™ gene delivery system.


Scalable Immune Cell Manufacturing

ScaleReady focuses on providing scalable and cost-effective closed-workflow solutions for immune cell therapy manufacturing - including the G-Rex™ bioreactor.

Bioprocess and Biologics


Automated Western Immunoassays

Simple Western™ with Jess™ automates protein separation and analysis from crude or purified samples, enabling size- and charge-based screening of complex sample types.

Ella instrument

Precision Multiplexing Made Simple

Cartridge-based Simple Plex™ immunoassays on the Ella automated ELISA platform detect fragments, oligomers, and host cell proteins with low assay CVs. Up to 72 samples per run with a 60-minute time to result.


All-in-one Capillary Electrophoresis

Combine the power of CE-SDS and cIEF into a single, automated platform with Maurice. Streamline cIEF and CE-SDS method development and data analysis for proteins, monoclonals, ADCs, and vaccines.

Clinical Immuno-Onology Resources

Immuno-Oncology Research Brochure

Clinical IO Manufacturing Brochure

Add consistency, scalability, and supply chain security to your clinical immuno-oncology manufacturing program.

T cell-based therapies eBook cover

T Cell-Based Therapies eBook

See how Bio-Techne is addressing the biological and manufacturing challenges facing the development and production of T cell therapies.

Immune-Oncology eBook

Immuno-Oncology Analytics eBook

Examine technological advances in protein analysis that are at the forefront of immuno-oncology research and therapeutic development.