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Why use RNAscope ISH?

Bio- Techne offers 3 unique assays to detect RNA in the tissue context at single-molecule sensitivity with single-cell resolution: RNAscope for mRNA or ncRNA greater than 300 nucleotides in length, BaseScope for exon junctions, splice variants, and highly homologous or short sequences and assay miRNAscope  that enables detection of small non-coding RNAs such as miRNAs,  or other smaller sequences from 17-50nts as well as small therapeutic oligos such as ASOs or siRNAs

  • RNA is ideal biomarker
  • Detect mRNA for targets with no or poor antibodies
  • Validates High-throughput transcriptomic results
  • Complements qPCR results
  • Complements IHC data
  • Compatible for virtually any species, gene or tissue type

Learn how the technology works

Customer Success Stories

Spatial Genomics Applications

Learn more about the RNAscope, BaseScope and miRNAscope assays that enable detection of diverse range of targets across broad applications such as Oncology, Neuroscience, Infectious disease, Developmental biology and more with multiplexing capabilities and visualization at a single cell resolution

Enabling research, drug development and diagnostics

Quantitative Molecular Detection with Morphological Context and In Situ Hybridization (ISH)

Research-use-only products

Independent of your genes of interest, our easy RNA in situ hybridization assay uses common reagents and protocols; providing universal assay conditions.

RNAScope for Diagnostics

RNAscope™ Technology for Diagnostics

Robust, sensitive, and specific RNAscope RNA In Situ Hybridization Detection System available in chromogenic formats on most major automated stainers registered as an FDA Class 1 in the US and CE-IVD in the EU. Find out how the RNAscope technology, including our well-known high risk and low risk HPV probes, can support your diagnostic needs.

Pharma Assay Services PAS

Pharma Assay Services

Available for your immediate RNAscope, BaseScope, and miRNAscope outsourcing needs.

Vast experience in supporting thousands of pre-clinical and global clinical studies for global pharma and biotech partners, from discovery through assay development to clinical trials.

Download the Pharma Assay Service Brochure

New Offerings

Catalog and Made-to-Order Probes

Using proprietary ACD RNAscope™ Probe Design Pipeline, we provide double "Z" oligo probes designed to hybridize to your specific RNA target of interest.

Made to order probes
ACDBio probes for Sars-CoV2

Probes to Detect SARS-Cov2

Introducing new ACD Probe Sets which includes set of probes in pre-assigned channels for applications across Infectious Diseases and Neuroscience compatible with RNAscope Multiplex and HiPlex assays

Popular RNAscope ISH applications

Infectious Diseases

RNAscope technology provides new insights into the pathogenesis of infectious agents and aid in vaccine and drug development


Understanding complex and heterogenous tumor microenvironment and its dynamics in cancer initiation and progression.

Cell / Gene Therapy

RNAscope technology can be a valuable tool in safety and efficacy assessment of gene and cell-based therapies, including visualization of delivery vector and transgene in target tissue.


Interrogation of complex structural and functional heterogeneity of the nervous system by simultaneously detecting multiple targets at a single cell resolution

Single Cell

Validation and visualization of transcriptomic profiles of novel cell types identified by single cell analysis


Simultaneous visualization of RNA and protein targets on the same slide using our co-detection workflow

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Single-Cell Application Note

The RNAscope™ multiplex in situ hybridization technology enables the incorporation of spatial mapping and confirmation of gene signatures into single cell RNA sequencing workflows

RNAscope-GeoMx DSP White Paper

Molecularly Guided Highly Multiplexed Spatial Profiling with the RNAscope and GeoMx Assays

Dual ISH-IHC App note

Combining the RNAscope ISH technology with IHC to spatially resolve RNA and protein targets simultaneously