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Bio-Techne Tools for Cell-Based Therapies

Hear from Bio-Techne's very own Kevin Flynn, Ph. D, and Nithya Jesuraj, Ph. D, as they explore the raw material and technology advancements from Bio-Techne that address current research endeavors in stem cells, challenges facing GMP iPSC manufacturing and Bio-Techne's tools and genome engineering services that disrupt the status quo for manufacturing, validating, and cell therapy monitoring. 

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Tubulin or Not Tubulin?

"Tubulin or Not Tubulin?  Heading Towards Total Protein Staining as a Loading Control in Immunological Protein Analytical Methods."

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Latest Tools for 3D Cell Culture & Organoids

Hear from Bio-Techne's Yas Heidari, Ph.D, to learn about the latest tools and products available to for 3D cell and organoid cultures and ways to overcome common culture challenges.