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Bio-Techne offers a world class range of analytical instruments, including instruments for protein analysis, single cell analysis, and spatial biology. The Bio-Techne analytical instrument portfolio includes ProteinSimple protein analysis instruments that perform everything from automated immunoassays to systems that probe the structure and purity of protein-based therapeutics. Browse below or contact us for more information, quotes and instrument resources.

Protein Analysis Instruments

Bio-techne Jess instrument

Automated Western Analysis

Need protein quantity, identity, expression or isoform data from 3 µL cell or tissue lysate in as little as 3 hours?

bio-techne mauriceflex instrument

Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments

Need information on protein purity, identity, charge heterogeneity, and charge heterogeneity fractions for characterization, all in a day?

Ella, the benchtop automated ELISA platform for Simple Plex assays

Automated ELISA

Need a benchtop, automated ELISA platform for consistent biomarker detection?

Bio-Techne Simple Reader Instrument

ELISA Plate Reader

Need an easy to use ELISA plate reader and effortless data analysis?

Luminex Intelliflex xMAP instrument with drawer open


Find the Luminex® Instrument and software to run your multiplex assay.  Explore the INTELLIFLEX, Luminex® 200™, and FLEXMAP 3D® product lines as well as the new Quantist multiplexing analysis software.

Single Cell Analysis

Bio-Techne Cell Sorter and Single Cell Dispenser side-angle

Bio-Techne Cell Sorter & Single Cell Dispenser

Ready for fast, gentle, and easy single cell isolation at your fingertips? Our Hana™ and Pala™ instruments perform effortless sorting and dispensing of single cells in one step for a wide range of single cell applications. 

Bio-Techne Milo Instrument

Single-Cell Western

Need to measure cell subpopulations in a heterogenous sample with the fidelity of Westerns? Our Milo™ platform performs single cell Western blot analysis on 1,000 single cells in one 4-hour experiment.


Micro-Flow MFI Instrument from ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

Image-Based Particle Analysis

Need to characterize aggregates or particles in your vials?  Combining digital microscopy with the precise control of microfluidics, our Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI™) platform enables rapid characterization of sub-visible particles in your sample.

Spatial Biology

Front view of the COMET (tm) automated spatial multiomics platform

Automated Spatial Multiomics Platform

Need to perform spatial RNA and protein detection with subcellular resolution? The COMET™ automated staining and imaging platform, from Bio-Techne brand Lunaphore, enables fully-automated, same section spatial RNA detection with RNAscope™ HiPlex Pro and protein, using standard, non-conjugated antibodies to perform seqIF™ (sequential immunofluorescence).

Instrument Applications

Our instruments are all about making your research simpler. From immuno-oncology and vaccines to cell therapy, explore instrument applications by research area of interest or by instrument.


Bio-Techne Products & Services

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