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Flow Cytometry Panel Builder

The Bio-Techne flow cytometry panel builder tool streamlines the panel design process by enabling researchers to quickly search for validated Bio-Techne antibodies that will work with a specific cytometer. The panel builder is designed to prevent selection of incompatible fluorochromes by blocking channels with excessive spectral overlap.

Advanced Features

  • Spectra Viewer – Custom analysis of spectra from multiple fluorochromes
  • Spillover Popups - Visualize the spectra of individual fluorochromes
  • Antigen Density Selector - Match fluorochrome brightness with antigen density

Create your panel in three simple steps:

  • Choose your cytometer configuration.
  • Add your markers.
  • Select compatible conjugated antibodies.

Read through our instructions on using the flow cytometry panel builder tool to help you get started. Once your panel is complete, you can export it, email it for review, or directly purchase your conjugated antibodies to immediately get started on your experiment.

Any questions on panel design, please contact technical services by email or Live Chat.