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Multiplex immunoassays for biomarker research

Give Your Lab the Speed and Precision It Deserves

Ella’s fully automated Simple Plex Assays deliver fast, reproducible data with no manual steps. Advanced microfluidic circuitry performs every step of the assay process to help eliminate variability and cross-reactivity.

Customizable Simple Plex cartridges can assay up to 8 analytes simultaneously in 75 minutes and require only 25ul of sample. All Simple Plex assays are fully validated, highly sensitive, and feature up to 4 logs of dynamic range. Discover the confidence and convenience Ella can bring to your lab. All from Protein Simple, a Bio-Techne brand.

Rethink Your ELISA

Ella instrument - with cartridge loaded

Meet Ella. Your Automated ELISA.

Ella is your immunoassay problem-solver. With automated Simple Plex assays on Ella, everything is pre-loaded onto the cartridge. Simply add sample and buffers, load the cartridge into the instrument, and walk away. Then watch Ella give you fully analyzed answers in just one 75 minutes. 

Cygnus cartridge for Ella instrument

Explore Simple Plex Assays

Ella’s Simple Plex assays are available in a variety of flexible cartridge formats. From single analyte assays to custom panels, there’s a Simple Plex cartridge that meets your needs. Choose from a menu of more the 200 fully validated assays.

icon illustrating the various costs related to ELISA

How much is your ELISA costing you?

In the race to discovery, getting maximum return on each test is critical. Discover how the automated Ella platform completely changes the cost-benefit dynamics of traditional ELISAs. Eliminate tedious manual preparation steps while lowering your cost per data point. Get fully analyzed results in just 90 minutes and maximize the return on your immunoassay investment.

Reap the Benefits of Hands-Free Automation

The fully automated Ella system offers an attractive alternative to traditional plate-based ELISAs. Automated Simple Plex Assays eliminate the hands-on steps that come with running a traditional immunoassay, helping to accelerate time to result and reduce human error—both factors that adversely impact assay reproducibility and team productivity.

Ella Monitors the Immune Response in Real Time

Discover What Ella Can Do For You. Ella Is ...

Automated ELISA with Ella

Fast and Efficient

  • Reduce manual steps by up to 80%.
  • Save time and maximize data with preloaded standard curves.
  • Get validated assay data in just 90 minutes.

“Simple Plex assays on Ella gave us speed and efficiency so we could complete our assays quickly, and the high quality of the data meant that we could easily see differences between disease state samples and controls. Plus, sample preparation was so simple it reduced chances of errors significantly.” 

Paulomi Aldo, Research Associate and Reproductive Sciences Core Manager, Yale University

Automated ELISA multi-site data showing high reproducibility of assay.

Highly Reproducible

  • Sub-picogram level detection provides superior assay sensitivity.
  • Reduce human error and variability with hand-free automation.
  • Get consistent, reproducible answers across multiple users and sites. 

“A major advantage of Ella is that it’s very easy to use with virtually no maintenance, and it’s really fast. Simply dilute your sample and you’re ready to go—without the need for manual preparations that can take time and add user variability.” 

— Dr. Jesús F Bermejo-Martín, Principal Investigator, Hospital Universitario Río Hortega de Valladolid

AAV viral titer assays on automated ELISA system Ella

Accurate and Reliable

  • Generate triplicate data with only 25 µL of sample volume.
  • Eliminate cross-reactivity by detecting each analyte in separate parallel channels.
  • Transfer your immunoassay to other labs and get the same results.  

"Ella allows for reproducible sample data with minimal sample input. The lower volume usage allows for the expansion of research into novel areas of angiogenesis and inflammation as they pertain to many forms of cancer."

— Andrew Nixon, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Professor, Medicine & Director, Duke University

Ella Automated Immunoassay System

Streamline Your Immunoassay Workflow

All the assay steps on Ella are highly automated thanks to the microfluidic cartridge—everything is preloaded, even the calibration curve.

  1. Pipette your diluted samples onto the cartridge and add wash buffer.
  2. Place cartridge into the Ella instrument.
  3. Press run and get validated results in just 75 minutes.
  4. Save time and labor costs with easy setup.
  5. Get the same answers across multiple users and multiple sites.

Optimize Your Data Points

Ella Cartridges Card 350x210 - white

Stay Flexible

Generate the data you need quickly and efficiently with customizable Simple Plex assay panels.

Talk to your local Simple Plex immunoassay specialist about designing the perfect assay panel.

Ella Cart Chart Card 350x210

Choose Your Format

With over 200 validated Simple Plex assays to choose from, Simple Plex cartridges allow you to select the right format for your research needs.

Choose the 16 or 32 sample cartridges to mix and match analytes and create a custom panel. Or maximize throughput for a single analyte with the 72 sample cartridge.

Simple Plex Assay Applications

Cancer Cell


Validate cancer biomarkers faster and with higher throughput. Lower volume sample usage with Simple Plex assays allows for research expansion into novel target areas.

Dendritic Immune Cell


Standardize your immunoassay for immune reactivity and inflammation research. Monitor concentrations of key biomarkers in near real-time.

Immune Cell

Immune Profiling

Investigate and quantify immune responses and get your results in 90 minutes. Hands-free workflow minimizes variability and helps ensure accurate, reproducible results.   

Neuroscience Biomarker Multiplex Assay


Measure key neuroscience biomarkers using just 25 μL of sample. Detect and measure endogenous levels of proteins across a wider and more sensitive detection range.

Immune Cell Therapy Image

Cell Therapy

Obtain critical cell characterization data on your product. Iterate your development process faster and automatically obtain triplicate results for every sample.


Bioprocess Workflow Assays

Boost your throughput with a hands-free workflow for process impurity testing. Get reproducible results across multiple users and multiple sites.


AAV2 Viral Titer Simple Plex Assays

Fast and Accurate Viral Titration

  • Fast and reproducible AAV2 vector quantification
  • Linear correlation with the industry-leading PROGEN ELISA
  • Simple Plex assay precision across a broad dynamic range.
Simple Plex automated ELISAs advantages over plate based ELISAs

The Automated ELISA Alternative

  • Hands-free assay set-up
  • Built-in standard curve
  • Fully analyzed results in just one hour
Cover of the Cell Killing App Note

Quantify Secreted T Cell Activation Markers

  • Rapid and precise quantification of T Cell activation markers
  • Data in 90 minutes
  • Ready-to-use ELISA kits are also available