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What Is Ella?

Ella is a next-generation benchtop automated ELISA platform designed to deliver accurate, reproducible data with no manual steps. Utilizing a unique microfluidic design, the Ella platform’s Simple Plex™ assays are fully validated, highly sensitive and can assay up to 8 analytes simultaneously in less than 90 minutes.

How Can Ella Work for You?

Achieve fast, accurate multiplexing results with Ella. The automated Ella platform brings a higher level of precision and minimal training, increasing your productivity in the lab. Running an assay simply requires adding diluted samples and wash buffer to the cartridge before placing the cartridge inside the Ella instrument.

Ella Instrument: Precision Multiplexing Made Simple

Unique Ella Advantages

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Automated Workflow

All assay steps on Ella are highly automated thanks to the microfluidic cartridge.

The simple workflow and precisely controlled automation help ensure consistent results no matter the lab, instrument, or operator.

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Fast Results

Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform take just minutes to set up and can be run start to finish in 90 minutes.

Each cartridge run ends with fully analyzed and quantified results that remain consistent across multiple users and sites.

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Zero Cross-Reactivity

Ella eliminates cross-reactivity issues by separating targets into four parallel channels.

Multiple glass nanoreactors (GNRs) inside each fluidic channel provide built-in replicate measurements for each analyte.

Less work. More flow. Scan barcode, add sample and wash buffer, place cartridge in Ella and process run, review fully analyzed results.

What Can Ella Do for You?

  1. Consistent results. Rely on precisely controlled automation to ensure consistent, reproducible results no matter the lab, instrument, or operator.
  2. Boost productivity. Eliminate the tedious setup and lengthy incubations typical of traditional plate-based immunoassays. Save time and accelerate results.
  3. Superior assay sensitivity. Achieve excellent low-end sensitivity to detect low-expressing proteins across a broad dynamic range.
  4. Large assay menu. Choose from more than 250 fully validated targets that span application areas from pre-clinical to bio-therapeutic manufacturing.
Ella instrument with variety of assay cartridges
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How Much is Your ELISA Costing You?

Discover how the high-precision Ella platform completely changes the cost-benefit dynamics of traditional ELISAs.

Ella's hands-free automated workflow reduces user error while lowering your cost per data point. Fast onboarding with fewer mistakes helps maximize the return on your immunoassay investment.

Hear from Ella Users

Hear From Ella Customers

“We needed assays that were not only excellent at conserving our limited sample volumes but would allow us to test a lot of markers quickly and efficiently.”

-- Dr. Melissa Munroe

Watch as Ella customers share how this automated ELISA platform helps them get consistent, reproducible data with no manual steps.

Custom Simple Plex Services