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Featured Recombinant Protein Products

Cytokines and Growth Factors

• The most reliable source of recombinant proteins for immune cell, stem cell, and neural cell culture

• An unparalleled selection of recombinant proteins for studying interleukins, interferons, chemokines, and TNF superfamily members

• The highest quality, most consistent cytokines and growth factors for organoid cell culture

• Bulk and custom protein services to meet every researcher’s need

Immune Checkpoint Proteins

• Proteins for studying common targets including PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4, and emerging targets such as TIGIT, LAG-3, Butyrophilins, and LILR family members

• Multiple tags available including Fc, His, and an expanding selection of Avi-tag biotinylated proteins

• Proteins for a range of different species including many non-human primate proteins with over 80 cynomolgus and rhesus monkey immune checkpoint proteins

• Bioactivity validated using a variety of different assays including cell proliferation or cytokine secretion assays, functional ELISA, or SPR


Avi-tag Biotinylated Proteins

• Consistent labeling

• Uniform protein orientation

• Same high level of bioactivity as the unlabeled protein

• A large selection of immune checkpoint proteins

GMP Proteins

• Extensive documentation for traceability of source

• Rigorous lot-to-lot consistency testing against a master lot

• Additional quality control testing and quality assurance review



ProDots® Proteins

• R&D Systems proteins packaged into easy-to-use balls

• Eliminates aliquoting

• Reduces media preparation time

• Ensures optimal protein recovery

Bulk Proteins

• The expertise and ability to scale up the production of almost any protein

• Specialized formulations available

• Economical pricing

Recombinant Protein Resources

Proteins Beyond the Catalog

If you don’t see the recombinant protein that you need listed on our website, contact us. We have tens of thousands of non-catalog proteins that may include different tags or come from different sources than similar proteins listed on our website.

Custom Protein Services

For more specialized requests, contact our custom protein services team. Whether you are looking for a different formulation, incorporation of a non-standard label, or a specific mutated version of a protein, we have the capabilities and the team to develop the protein that you need.

Immune Cell Isolation and Culture Guide

Use this guide to explore the products that we offer for isolating, activating, differentiating, and culturing different immune cell types. From natural killer cells and macrophages to dendritic cells and T cells, we offer a wide selection of products to address all of your immune cell culture needs.



GMP Proteins for Therapeutic Manufacturing

This brochure outlines the quality control processes and testing that goes into the production of our GMP-grade recombinant proteins. Learn more about how we ensure consistency and our capabilities for enhanced quality control testing, and explore our selection of GMP recombinant proteins.



Using Avi-tag Proteins to Determine Protein Interaction Kinetics by SPR

See how R&D Systems Avi-tag biotinylated proteins can be used to generate useful kinetic and affinity measurements by surface plasmon resonance.

Current and Emerging Immune Checkpoint Targets eBook

This eBook details some of the current and emerging immune checkpoint molecules that are being investigated as potential immuno-oncology targets, and it highlights the products that we offer for studying these molecules, including PD-1, PD-L1, CTLA-4, B7 family proteins, butyrophilins, LAG-3, TIGIT, TIM-3, and co-stimulatory TNF receptor superfamily members.

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