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Avi-tag PD-L1 protein 3D ribbon structure with biotinylated avi-tag sequence at the C-terminus

Avi-tag and Amine-Labeled Biotinylated Proteins

Biotinylated proteins can be powerful tools for assessing protein-protein interactions or screening antibody or small molecule libraries for potential therapeutics. Our products provide the performance and consistency needed to advance your drug discovery research.

Immuno Cytokines FrontImg 250x250

Cytokines and Growth Factors

Achieve optimal cell culture conditions with R&D SystemsTM cytokines and growth factors. Our stringent production and purification standards ensure that our products will deliver superior performance and consistent results.

IL-2 protein ribbon structure

Animal-Free Preclinical Proteins

Save time and resources by starting your preclinical studies with Animal-free proteins. We utilize identical systems to manufacture our Animal-free and GMP-grade proteins, ensuring a seamless transition into clinical manufacturing.

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