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Important Update

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In alignment with Bio-Techne’s commitment to sustainability and Go Green initiatives, we will no longer pack paper kit booklets in the following immunoassay kits:

Quantikine® RUO ELISA Kits QuicKit ELISA Kits Parameter Assay Kits
Quantikine® HS ELISA Kits Fluorokine Kits ELISpot Kits
QuantiGlo ELISA Kits    

Publish Your Results With R&D Systems ELISA Kits

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ELISAs are an essential tool across a broad spectrum of applications, spanning from profiling the immune system to driving forward drug discovery and facilitating therapeutic response assessments in clinical trials. R&D Systems caters to these diverse research requirements with an extensive selection of ELISA kits. Our menu offerings cover over 1000 targets, encompassing options like the ready-to-use Quantikine, the rapid 90-minute QuicKit and the versatile DuoSet kits for development. By harnessing in-house antibodies and proteins, researchers have the flexibility to choose from both off-the-shelf kits and a range of customized services, including lot reservations, bulk packaging and the creation of new targets. With this comprehensive suite of solutions, researchers possess all the essential tools required to launch their next research project with confidence.

Choose the Best ELISA Format

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  • Fast results in 90 minutes
  • Quantikine quality with lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility
  • 2 simple step protocol
  • 16 popular targets offered and growing
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  • Optimized reagents and diluents for accurate sample values
  • Fully validated sample types- cell culture supernates, serum, plasma and more
  • Extensively tested for long-term consistency and reproducibility
  • Also available in High Sensitivity, QuantiGloTM and IVD formats
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  • Development reagents to design your own ELISA
  • Large menu-more than 1000 targets and 16 model organisms
  • 96 and 384-well ancillary reagent kit plates available
  • Adaptable to multiple platforms
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Simple Plex

  • Hands free automated results in 90 minutes
  • Easy set up with no standard curve preparation
  • High sensitivity with up to 4 logs of dynamic range
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 8 analytes from just 25 μL of sample
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Matched Antibody Pairs

  • Validated capture and detection antibody pairs
  • Flexibility to fit your assay to your platform
  • Bulk quantities to reduce assay variability
  • Access our non-catalog clones to find your ideal match

Custom and Bulk ELISA Services

Leverage our industry-leading ELISA expertise to accelerate your custom project. We support you from feasibility to manufacturing. Custom ELISA services include bulk packaging, lot reservations, ELISA kit modifications and new target development.

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