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Important Update

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In alignment with Bio-Techne’s commitment to sustainability and Go Green initiatives, we will no longer pack paper kit booklets in the following immunoassay kits:

Quantikine® RUO ELISA Kits QuicKit ELISA Kits Parameter Assay Kits
Quantikine® HS ELISA Kits Fluorokine Kits ELISpot Kits
QuantiGlo ELISA Kits    

Fast ELISA Means First to Publish

QuicKit ELISAs are developed to be fast, simple, accurate, and reproducible. Unlike traditional pre-coated ELISAs that can take up to 4.5 hours, QuicKits yield results in 90 minutes or less without compromising performance.

Utilizing the same meticulous quality control measures as the R&D Systems Quantikine ELISA, you can be confident the data generated from this rapid ELISA is accurate and reproducible.

  • Fast ELISA - data generated in 90 minutes
  • Simplified protocol - only one wash step
  • Unrivaled performance - specific, reproducible, and sensitive

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Ella is a benchtop, automated ELISA system for consistent biomarker detection. Choose from over 250 fully validated assays and get results in less than 90 minutes.

Quantikine QuicKit ELISA Assay Principle

Step one: Add standards, samples, and controls to a pre-coated anti-tag microplate, followed by subsequent addition of an antibody cocktail and let incubate for 1 hour.

Step two: After incubation, wash the plate, add substrate, and incubate for 20 minutes. Finally, add stop solution and read the using a standard microplate reader.

View R&D Systems QuicKit Protocol Video

Quality and Performance You Can Trust

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ELISA. Fast and Accurate

With only one wash step and a simplified protocol, QuicKit ELISAs are easy to use, and provide fast, accurate results in 90 minutes. These major advantages of our fast ELISA allow for high throughput testing without sacrificing the precision, accuracy, and reliability you have come to expect from R&D Systems brand ELISAs.

Consistent ELISA Development Using Matched Antibody Pairs

Proven Performance

Master calibrated QuicKit ELISAs are optimized to mitigate matrix effects and eliminate drift, helping to ensure consistent performance and accuracy over time. Carefully matched antibody pairs manufactured in-house provide exceptional control over critical elements that can affect performance.

High Quality Low Cost ELISA Assays

Data You Can Trust

More than 25,000 product citations is a testament to the quality and care that goes into our ELISA development process at R&D Systems. Stringent manufacturing guidelines and rigorous validation testing helps ensure you get the same reproducible results the first time, every time.

Fast ELISA Competitor Comparison

Serum Spiked Recovery

Quantikine QuicKit Recovery of Serum - Bar Graph

Human Quantikine QuicKit Spiked Recovery Competitor Comparison. Human QuicKits for multiple targets were tested against a similar fast ELISA from a leading competitor. Each kit had the respective analyte spiked at three known concentrations throughout the range of the assay and run to measure response of the spiked sample matrix. In spike and recovery experiments, natural samples are spiked with the recombinant target analyte of interest to identify interference caused by sample matrices. Average percent recovery is shown for all common analytes. Shaded area indicates design specifications for Quantikine Quickit fast ELISAs.

Featured Research Areas


Immunoassays for Immuno-Oncology Research

Validate cancer biomarkers and explore novel targets with superior precision and accuracy using ELISAs from Bio-Techne. You can trust our immunoassays to deliver accurate, high-quality data consistently over time.

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Cell and Gene Therapy

Obtain critical cell characterization data and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflow with immunoassay quality and performance capabilities you can trust. Whether you are starting with a single analyte or looking for multiplexing capabilities, you can be sure of accurate, reproducible results.

Immunoassays for Unique Animal Model Systems

Immunoassays for Unique Animal Models

R&D Systems has a comprehensive collection of unique animal model immunoassays derived from species-specific in-house proteins and antibodies to propel your research further.

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Immune Response Profiling

Bio-Techne has a broad selection of immunoassays for immune response profiling. Choose the immunoassay that best suits your needs.


Ensure ELISA Results & Consistency

Conduct your next experiment with confidence. Download our ultimate ELISA guide now to learn more about:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of each ELISA type
  • Use cases for different ELISA formats
  • The importance of ELISA controls
  • Best practices for data analysis

Additional Quantikine ELISA Products

High Sensitivity ELISA kits

High Sensitivity Quantikine ELISA kit

Subpicogram quantification of low abundance targets allow High Sensitivity Quantikine ELISAs to achieve superior levels of analyte detection. These complete, ready to use kits are validated for serum and plasma sample types.

Quantikine Elisas - Icon

Quantikine ELISA kit

Rigid quality control and careful antibody selection help ensure Quantikine ELISAs will deliver accurate, reproducible results every time. Choose from over 450 ELISAs using the most referenced single analyte assay in literature.

Bio-Techne ELISA Recognition and Awards

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