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Quality is at the Core of Our Immune Response Profiling Immunoassays

Multiplex immunoassays for biomarker research

Quality at the core means you can depend on our immunoassays for consistent, high-quality immune response profiling data over the long term.

  • Vertical Integration: Immunoassays are built with in-house antibodies and diluents, thus guaranteeing a long-term supply of consistent and reliable immunoassays.
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control Processes: Our immunoassays uphold the highest standards of consistency, linearity, recovery, and specificity
  • 30 Years of Immunoassay Development and Manufacturing Experience: Partner with us for your custom immune response profiling needs.

Choose the Assay That Best Suits Your Immune Response Profiling Needs

Ella Instrument Simple Plex

Simple Plex™ Immunoassays

This hands-free, automated immunoassay has factory-built standards, allowing for easy comparisons across users and geographies. Quantify up to 8 target analytes simultaneously in 90 minutes!

Jess Instrument Simple Western

Simple Western Serology Assays

Hands-free serology assays on Simple Western add size separation for quantitative immune response profiling of multiple antigens simultaneously with just 3 µL of serum sample.

Luminex Assay Gradient Hero Cell

Luminex® Assays

​​​​​Use this flexible, cost-effective multiplex assay to quantify up to 50 analytes per sample in cell culture supernates, serum, plasma, and other fluids. Learn More About Luminex Discovery Assays and High-Performance Assays.

Antibody binding antigen in sandwich ELISA

Quantikine™ ELISA Kits

Quantikine ELISA kits are the most cited ELISA on the market. These vertically integrated ELISAs undergo a rigorous Quality Control/Quality Assurance regimen. Choose Quantikine High Sensitivity ELISAs for low-abundance analytes. 


Image showing R&D Systems DuoSet intracellular IC ELISA kits

DuoSet™ ELISAs

This flexible ELISA is adaptable to a variety of platforms. It also allows you maximum control over assay conditions. Choose from over 1000 assays across 16 species.

Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Array

Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays

Use this simple, qualitative screening assay to simultaneously measure up to 119 cytokines in supernates and cellular lysates.

Bio-Techne's Immunoassay Platforms are Highly Correlated

Serum IFN-γ detection is highly correlated across Bio-Techne’s immunoassay platforms

Bio-Techne maintains consistent quality standards across all our immunoassays. This enables you to move seamlessly from one immunoassay platform to the next as your needs change. In this example, serum IFN-γ detection is highly correlated across Bio-Techne’s immunoassay platforms. A. The Quantikine High Sensitivity (HS) ELISA is highly correlated with Simple Plex Assay (R2=0.99). B. Similarly, HS ELISA data is also highly correlated with Luminex assay data (R2=0.97). C. Finally, data collected using the Simple Plex immunoassay is highly correlated with the Luminex Assay (R2=0.98).

Purchase Key Cytokine Immunoassays

Bio-Techne has over 1000 immunoassays for immune response profiling. Are you running a Luminex assay? Use the Luminex Assay Customization Tool to design and purchase your assay. Running an ELISA, ELISpot, or Array? Use the search bar above to find the immunoassay that best suits your needs. We have listed key cytokines below for your convenience.

Profile Cytokines Secreted by Helper T Cells and Regulatory T Cells

CD4+ T cells are subclassified into helper T (Th) cells and regulatory T cells based on their cytokine repertoire2. Although Th1 secreted cytokines are associated with proinflammatory and antitumor responses, Th2 secreted cytokines are correlated with anti-inflammatory responses. Th17 responses play a role in autoimmunity and allergic responses. Finally, Tregs suppress deleterious Th cell activity. It is no surprise that cytokines secreted by Tregs are associated with immunosuppression and cancer progression.

Cytokine Release Syndrome Profiling

Cytokine release syndrome (CRS), also known as the cytokine storm, is a life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndrome.  It is characterized by the excessive release of cytokines3. CRS is triggered by a variety of events, including cancer, cell therapy, and infections triggered by bacteria or viruses.

Immune Response Profiling Publication Spotlights

Download these publications to see how your peers are using Bio-Techne's immunoassays in scientific and clinical research studies.

Immune Response Profiling Webinars

Profile Immune Responses to COVID with Simple Plex Automated Immunoassays

Watch this webinar to see how Dr. Jesus Bermejo-Marting uses Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform to profile immune responses to COVID-19.

Deep Dive: Luminex Multiplex Assays at Bio-Techne

Unfamiliar with Luminex Technology? This deep-dive, featuring Bio-Techne's own Richard Fuerstenberg explains the technology underlying Luminex immunoassays. Watch this webinar to see why Bio-Techne's Luminex assays provide higher-quality data than the competition. 

Identifying and Removing False Positives in Immunoassays

Watch this webinar to see how Bio-Techne avoids false-positive immunoassay data. In this video, our scientists demonstrate how our proprietary diluents and reagents preclude the false-positive pitfalls that ensnare assays from competitors.

Immune Response Profiling Resources

Quantify IFN-Gamma With Confidence

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, has an extensive array of Interferon Gamma (IFN-gamma) Immunoassays. Read our IFN-gamma application notes and select the immunoassay that best suits your immune response profiling needs.

Flow Cytometry for Immune Cell Phenotyping

Explore Bio-Techne's solutions for Flow Cytometry. Choose from thousands of antibodies and reagents including CyTOF-ready antibodies and multicolor flow cytometry kits. Explore our interactive cell marker tool. Use the Novus Panel Builder to choose compatible reagents.

Gaining an Edge in Autoimmune Disease Research


“The less we rely on manual steps, the more reproducible the results”

– Dr. Melissa Munroe, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Associate, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation


Custom Immunoassay Services

Custom ELISA services and custom assay services

Custom ELISA Services

Leverage our industry-leading expertise to develop and manufacture your custom ELISA.

Custom Luminex assay antibody, analyte and species options

Custom Luminex Services

Partner with R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand to accelerate your biomarker workflow.

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Custom Simple Plex Services

Our scientific experts will work closely with you to create custom Simple Plex™ assays or panels capable of detecting your specific analytes of interest and at your required scale.

Luminex® is a Registered Trademark of Luminex Corporation.