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Meet Our Protein Characterization Problem Solvers

Protein Simple Simple Western instrument Jess

Simple Western

Need protein quantity, identity, expression or isoform data from 3 µL sample in as little as 3 hours?

Maurice Flex Instrument from ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand


Need therapeutic or purified protein identity, purity, and heterogeneity data or cIEF fractionation, all in a day?

ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne company, Ella automated immunoassay Instrument


Need a benchtop, automated ELISA platform for consistent biomarker detection?

Milo Single Cell Western ProteinSimple Instrument

Single-Cell Western

Need to measure cell subpopulations in a heterogenous sample with the fidelity of Westerns?

Micro-Flow MFI Instrument from ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) Systems

Need to characterize aggregates or particles in your vials?

Bio-Techne Cell Sorter and Single Cell Dispenser side-angle

Bio-Techne Cell Sorter & Single Cell Dispenser

Ready for fast, gentle, and easy single cell isolation at your fingertips?

Proteinsimple Instruments Milo, Ella, Jess, Maurice and MFI on a lab bench


ProteinSimple Instrument Applications

From immuno-oncology and vaccines to cell therapy, explore ProteinSimple Instrument applications by research area of interest or by instrument.

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Ways to Order

When ordering products online through the Bio-Techne website, you will need a Bio-Techne online profile. Please note, when ordering instruments or services you will need to request a quote (below).

You may also continue to purchase all ProteinSimple items using your ProteinSimple purchasing accounts by phone, fax or email. ProteinSimple web orders through will no longer be available beginning in August 2022.


By Phone, Fax, Email or Web

  • To purchase through the web on, please create an online profile to get started.
  • Contact us by email, fax or phone - filter by region to contact the most appropriate office
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To Request a Quote for Instrument(s) and/or Services


To apply for a credit account:

Please fill out a Universal Credit Application and return your completed application to:


When using a Purchase Order

Please include the following information:

  • Your name, telephone number, and fax number
  • Full invoicing and shipping addresses
  • Purchase order number for tracking purposes
  • ProteinSimple part number
  • Quantity
  • Pricing
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  • Any special requirements
  • If you have additional purchase order requirements, send an email to
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Upgrades and Enhancements:

ProteinSimple Ella Cartridge, Maurice Cartridge, and Simple Western antibody sample

Order ProteinSimple products online

E-commerce is now available for all your ProteinSimple reagent products. You can also purchase them with other Bio-Techne products like proteins, antibodies and assays. Create an online profile today to start saving items to your cart.

Bio-Techne product options include ProteinSimple instruments

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In addition to ProteinSimple assays and instruments, you can view Bio-Techne’s complete portfolio of well-known brands like R&D Systems & Tocris in one place. Head to the home page and see our extensive library of resources and tools.

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Get more scientific and technical support

Bio-Techne has a dedicated team of scientific & technical support staff available to answer any questions. And be sure to check out the peer-reviewed citations tool and innovative digital panel/kit builders for Simple Plex or Simple Western.