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GMP Small Molecules as Ancillary Reagents

Stem cells offer great potential for use as therapies in regenerative medicine. They can be used to generate cells to replace lost or unhealthy cells in a wide range of conditions including trauma, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. The small molecules used as ancillary materials in the generation of stem cell therapies are required to be safe, reliable, consistent and quality-assured in order to ensure the safety of the stem cell therapy. Our GMP Small Molecules, manufactured according to cGMP guidelines, provide this assurance.

GMP Small Molecules

Product Name

Catalog #


CHIR 99021


GSK-3 Inhibitor; WNT pathway activator. Enables reprogramming of human somatic cells into iPSCs

SB 431542


TGF Beta 1 (TGF-β1), ALK4 and ALK7 Inhibitor. Replaces SOX2 in reprogramming of fibroblasts to iPSCs

XAV 939


Tankyrase Inhibitor; inhibits WNT signaling. Promotes cardiomyocyte differentiation from ESCs



Selective ROCK Inhibitor. Increases survival of ESCs and iPSCs undergoing cryopreservation

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Stem Cells

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About GMP Small Molecules

GMP small molecules are important in the manufacture of stem cell therapies for translational research and clinical applications, where they are used as ancillary reagents. Ancillary reagents are utilized in the growth and manipulation of stem cells. Although they are not intended to be present in the final cell therapy product, they may influence its safety, so the use of GMP ancillary reagents is advisable.

The clinical phases of development of any therapy are highly regulated in order to mitigate the risk to patient safety, and this includes the use of GMP ancillary reagents (raw materials) for developing stem cell therapies. Our GMP small molecules are manufactured following relevant sections of ICH Q7 guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), which ensures batch-to-batch consistency, traceability from starting material to final product and animal-free production.

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