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Successful clinical applications of regenerative medicine require consistent, reliable, and scalable solutions - which is why we are constantly innovating with purpose to help you to:

  • Minimize variability
  • Ensure a robust compliance strategy
  • Incorporate scalability from the outset
  • Enhance the efficiency of your workflow

From GMP products to flexible analytical instrumentation, we can equip you with the tools you need to forge a pathway to safe, effective, and scalable therapies. Seamlessly transition from RUO to GMP manufacturing with our support, ensuring compliance and continuity.

Regenerative Medicine Workflow

Regenerative Medicine Workflow

Successful Research-to-Clinic Translation Using Industry-Leading Raw Materials

Having the right quality grade materials at every stage, from development to manufacture can significantly streamline your workflow and shorten your time to clinic. We work with you to:

GMP Protein Production Facility

Minimize Supply Chain Obstacles

Our cutting-edge 61,000 sq ft animal-free GMP manufacturing facility is designed to accelerate your regenerative therapy development with a constant supply of the right materials at the right time. Our expert team takes your preclinical success seamlessly into clinical development.

Transition from RUO to GMP manufacturing

Futureproof Your Clinical Program

Making an early investment in GMP-grade raw materials can help futureproof your clinical programs. With GMP products that are directly comparable to our RUO animal free versions, we can ensure a smooth transition from RUO to GMP manufacturing, avoiding potential regulatory roadblocks.

Custom Cell and Gene Therapy Services

Utilize High-Quality Custom Reagents

We understand the uniqueness of each stem cell-based therapy. If you can't find what you need, our custom services can develop GMP and RUO grade products tailored to your specific requirements, making your workflow simpler.