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ExCellerate™ Serum-Free Cell Expansion Media

Take an important step towards defined cell culture and improve the consistency of your cell therapy process. ExCellerate media provide an optimized serum-free culture environment for the generation and expansion of individual immune cell and stem cell types.

  • Reduce variability in your media composition
  • Streamline comparability testing if raw material changes are required
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance during clinical transition
  • Reduce time-to-market for your cell therapy
ExCellerate serum-free cell expansion media for T, NK, B, and iPS cell culture

How Do We Define Xeno-Free and Animal Component-Free Culture Media?


  • Xeno-free media do not contain any non-human animal-derived components. Xeno-free media may contain human-derived components such as serum, holo-transferrin, or insulin.
  • Animal component-free media do not contain any animal- or human-derived components. Elimination of these components further improves culture consistency compared to xeno-free media.

Bio-Techne believes in the power of partnerships. We have joined with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady™, lowering the barriers to entry into the immune cell therapy space for all sizes and stages of manufacturing programs. ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by offering a significant reduction of complexity and cost while consistently providing superior repeatability and cell quality.

The ScaleReady product portfolio supports scalable immune cell therapy solutions using ExCellerate media for T and NK cells, delivering true platform, process, and product continuity for your immune cell programs. When paired with the Lovo® and Cue® functionally-closed-system automated cell processing systems, Bio-Techne reagents and the G-Rex® Bioreactor enable high throughput parallel processing of cell therapies within a small footprint.

iPSC expansion medium, animal component-free

Eliminate variability from trace animal components in your culture media and reduce the risk of inconsistent results. Cultures expanded in these media are unaffected by the presence of unknown levels of vitamins, hormones, and growth factors in serum.

  • Optimized for use with R&D Systems cytokines and growth factors
  • Compatible with a variety of culture and activation methods

We thoroughly test each production lot of ExCellerate media for the presence of animal components, and this documentation is available on request.

Transitioning Research to GMP

As you advance from discovery into process development and clinical manufacturing, we make the transition as efficient and seamless as possible. Our GMP materials are based on our research-grade products wherever possible. If GMP-grade materials are not available, our Custom Services team will work with you to convert RUO materials into products appropriate for manufacturing use. We have recently developed an intermediate tier of small molecules to meet the rapidly increasing needs of the cell therapy industry.

Our Ancillary Materials Grade Small Molecules are certified animal-free and supported by enhanced QC testing, a more detailed QA review, and accompanying documentation. Incorporation of GMP or AM-grade raw materials early in your program will simplify your clinical transition. Our diligence with quality control ensures that you can move seamlessly into regulatory agency submissions without disrupting your process.