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Leverage Our Industry-Leading Luminex Assay Development Expertise

Custom Luminex assay antibody, analyte and species options

Why Partner With R&D Systems, A Bio-Techne Brand?

  • Reputation for delivering high-quality custom and built-to-order Luminex Assays
  • Extensive in-house selection of antibodies and proteins
  • Cost and time savings
  • Decades of expertise in Luminex assay development.
Bioprocessing Final Product Characterization

Customer Success Stories

Partnering with the Luminex team at R&D Systems for missing analyte development was invaluable to our project. Their Quality Assurance expertise and open communication ensured transparent study progression.

Director, Biotech Company

Custom Luminex Services

Immunoassays Workflow Sandwich ELISA Capture Detection Antibody

New Analyte Development

Adding a new analyte to an existing panel? With over 20,000 catalog and non-catalog antibodies and proteins, odds are we can accommodate the specific target that you are looking for. We assess feasibility and integrate the new analyte without wasting your time, money, or precious sample.

Luminex bead antibody binding analyte in Luminex multiplex assay

Bead Region Conflict Resolution

We can remove productivity barriers like bead region conflicts by reassigning bead regions. Multiplex the specific set of analytes that you want, at no extra charge. *

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Luminex Discovery assays for biomarker discovery using Luminex beads to build highly customizable Luminex assays

Bulk Packaging

We aspire to be environmental stewards by packaging kit materials in bulk, which reduces packaging waste at no extra charge.*
*Terms and conditions apply.

Luminex High Performance Assays are highly validate Luminex assays ideal for biomarker validation

Lot Sequestration

We sequester your Luminex materials, which serves to facilitate consistency by reducing the need for lot qualifications over the long term.*

*Terms and conditions apply

Custom Luminex Assay Development Process

Custom ELISA Services Workflow

What to Expect



Meticulous attention to rigorous quality control processes ensures that the data that you generate with a custom or built-to-order Luminex assay is accurate and precise.

Custom Luminex assay expert advice

Scientific Expertise

Collectively, our scientists have decades of experience in multiplex immunoassay development -from product design to assay delivery and troubleshooting.

Custom Luminex assay performance

High Performance Products

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, has long had a reputation for high-quality products. Expect the same from custom and built-to-order Luminex Assays.

Custom assay services

We Will Exceed Your Immunoassay Standards

Sensitivity | Dynamic Range | Precision | Specificity | Linearity | Reproducibility

R&D Systems Luminex Custom Services - Multiplexing with Bio-Techne

About Our Custom Luminex Services

R&D Systems, A Bio-Techne brand, empowers researchers in the life science industry by providing high-quality custom Luminex Services. Accelerate biomarker discovery, validation, and detection with unique panels. 

Let's Discuss Your Custom Luminex Needs

Custom Luminex Application Note

To what degree does exposure to the common cold virus, SARS-CoV, or MERS-CoV enhance or diminish immunity to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease? Download this application note to see how a custom Luminex assay was used to answer that question.

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