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Key Product Highlights

MauriceFlex Instrument

Introducing MauriceFlex™

MauriceFlex combines protein charge isoform fractionation with imaged-capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) and CE-SDS analysis in one instrument.

Namocell Pala instrument

Fast, Gentle & Easy Single Cell Isolation

Namocell Hana and Pala make single cell sorting fast and easy. See how these benchtop instruments combine microfluidics, flow cytometry and direct liquid dispensing to accomplish gentle cell sorting and dispensing in one simple step.

Intestinal/Lung/Brain organoid cultured with Cultrex™ Ultimatrix RGF BME ECM.

Cultrex™ BME Extracellular Matrices

Bio-Techne offers a comprehensive selection of matrices to match your diverse applications. Cultrex is high-quality, consistent, low endotoxin and available when you need it. Try a sample today!

ProteinSimple Automated Instruments

Jess Instrument Simple Western

Simple Western™

Your Complete Protein Analysis Solution

Ella Instrument Simple Plex

Simple Plex

Your Next Generation ELISA Kit

Maurice capillary icIEF and CE-SDS proteinsimple Instrument


Your Workhorse Station for Purity, Identity and Heterogeneity Analysis

Workflow Solutions

Cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing process

Cell & Gene Therapy

Partners for your entire CGT development and manufacturing process - delivering innovative solutions that enable cell and gene therapies to reach more patients

PROTAC degrader molecule in complex with an E3 ligase and the target protein

Targeted Protein Degradation

Your Complete TPD Research Solution, Including PROTAC® Degraders and Building Blocks

Immunoassay testing and solutions


Single analyte, multi-analyte and automated immunoassay solutions

PROTAC® is a registered trademark of Arvinas Operations, Inc., and is used under license

Featured Resources

COVID-19 brochure for coronavirus research

COVID-19 Brochure

Tools to Support New Coronavirus Research

Immunoassay webinar

Immunoassay Webinar

Identifying and Removing False Positives in Immunoassays

Flow cytometry handbook

Flow Cytometry Brochure

Explore a Step-By-Step Guide to Flow Cytometry

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Bio-Techne's Mission is to build Epic Tools for Epic Science. We have a creative, caring team of colleagues throughout the world who bring unique perspectives and talents in support of that Mission and who embody our four key Values -- Empowerment, Passion, Innovation and Collaboration. Their dedication leads to innovative technologies that help our customers address some of society's most difficult challenges in the healthcare and life science fields.

Scientist working with a bottle of iPSC while implementing environmental sustainability at Bio-Techne

Environmental Sustainability

Through continuous improvement, we develop products that meet customer needs and our objective to be an environmentally responsible business.

Employee working in a lab environment where Bio-Techne invests in corporate culture, diversity, and advancement

Employee Involvement

Our commitment to becoming a world's most admired company means investing in ongoing opportunities for employee development in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Bio-Techne is invested in philanthropic community involvement

Philanthropic Giving

Key to our Mission and Values is a philosophy of caring and supporting the communities in which we live and work. Through both corporate giving and the individual contributions of our employees, Bio-Techne seeks to make a difference.