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Ella Automated Immunoassay System

Ella Automated Immunoassay System
I need to transfer my immunoassay and get the same results

Ella: Your Next Generation ELISA

Ella's combination of performance and workflow brings your immunoassays to the next level. In just 90 minutes you get highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps. The assay performance behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range and reproducibility that rivals the best laboratory automation. All in a compact package that doesn't break your budget or your lab bench.

ELISA results. One hour.

See how Simple Plex eliminates all the challenges of traditional ELISAs:
  • Save time with automated assays run on Ella in just an hour
  • Get quantitative, reproducible data using 25 µL with a 4-5 log dynamic range
  • Eliminate cross-reactivity by detecting each analyte in separate parallel channels

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  • Can expired cartridges be run on the Ella?

    The Ella instrument is not programmed to reject expired cartridges, however we can only support the performance of cartridges within the expiration date.

  • What is the minimum sample volume required for Simple Plex assays?

    A minimum of 50 µL of volume is required, regardless of dilution factor.

  • What is the expiration date of a Simple Plex cartridge?

    Simple Plex cartridges expire one year from the date of manufacture.

  • What is the expiration date of Simple Plex controls?

    Lyophilized controls are stable for up to 12 months from the date of receipt when stored at 2-8 °C. Reconstituted controls are stable for up to 6 months from date of preparation when stored at ≤ -70 °C. Storage at -20 °C is not recommended.

More Information About Ella Automated Immunoassay System

Simple Plex Technology

Ella does immunoassays in a microfluidic Simple Plex cartridge. It's like using a pre-kitted immunoassay, except everything's pre-loaded on the cartridge—even the calibration curve! All you need to do is add your sample and buffers and put the cartridge in Ella.

The immunoassay part works like this: sample runs through a microfluidic channel that binds your protein of interest. Next, Ella washes off unbound analyte and adds a detection reagent. Because each channel has three Glass Nano Reactors (GNRs) coated with a capture antibody, you get triplicate answers for each sample. Answers are then generated from the factory-calibrated standard curve that comes with every cartridge. Sound familiar? It's the same immunoassay you're used to, just without the errors that come with traditional assays.

microfluidics diagram

Simple Plex Applications

sars cov-2 virus

COVID-19 Research

Quantify cytokine and pro-inflammatory responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection in 90 minutes using an automated, multianalyte format.

joint inflammation

Inflammation Research

Simple Plex assays enable rapid and reproducible quantification of inflammatory responses such as cytokine release syndrome and sepsis. 

immune cells attack cancer cell

Cancer Biomarker Research

Simple Plex assays for cancer research have the sensitivity to profile low abundance cancer biomarkers.

neuronal network

Neuroscience Research

Measure key neuroscience biomarkers such as neurofilament light (NF-L) and neurofilament heavy (NF-H) in CSF, plasma, and serum.

Cell and gene therapy

Cell Therapy Research and Development

The Simple Plex HEK 293 HCP 3G assay on the Ella platform offers broad detection coverage of this host cell protein (HCP).

protein bioprocessing workflow

Bioprocess Testing

Iterate your workflow faster with Simple Plex CHO HCP 3G-1 assays for process-related impurity testing.

preclinical scientist pipetting in the lab

Preclinical Research

With a four-log range of detection, Simple Plex assays have the sensitivity to pick up even very low picogram-per-milliliter levels of endogenous mouse or rat analytes.

AAV2 virus for simple plex

Viral Titer Assays

Get highly reproducible adeno-associated virus and lentivirus titer data with no manual steps in just 90 minutes.

Description Single Plex Specification Multianalyte Specification Multiplex Specification Customizable Specification
Sample Volume Required 2.5-25 µL 2.5-25 µL 2.5-25 µL 2.5-25 µL
Glass Nano Reactor CV <4%
Validated Intra-assay CV <10% N/A
Validated Inter-assay CV <12% <15% N/A
Dynamic range 3-4 logs
Sensitivity <1pg/mL (assay dependent)
Assay Runtime 75 Minutes 80 Minutes
Samples per run Up to 72 Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 48
Plex level 1 Up to 4 Up to 8 1
Results per run Up to 72 Up to 128 Up to 256 Up to 48
Replicates per result Triplicate Triplicate Duplicate Triplicate
Ella Weight 16 kg (35.3 lbs)
Ella Dimensions (closed) 37 cm W x 54 cm D x 26 cm H
Ella Power 100-240 V(AC), 300 VA, 45/65 Hz, Class I Installation Category(Over Voltage) II
Ella Operating temperature 15 to 30 °C (59° to 86°F)
Ella Operating humidity 15-80% relative, non-condensing

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