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Bio-Techne is on a mission, fueled by purposeful innovation, brilliant minds, and a collaborative outlook. Our purpose is to go above and beyond for better answers.

Join us on this quest to make bold moves that will empower new discovery
and improve outcomes for health and humanity.


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Why Work at Bio-Techne

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Collaborative Spirit

At Bio-Techne, we believe in fostering an environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. As you integrate into our team, you’ll find opportunities to showcase your skills, learn from your colleagues, and contribute to the success of our shared goals.  

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Career Development

We’re committed to creating better solutions and that starts with you. Our entrepreneurial spirit means we urge employees to be curious, ask questions and explore new possibilities. The culture at Bio-Techne creates an environment where careers can bloom because we recognize that our business grows as our people grow.

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Sense of Belonging

Bio-Techne fosters an atmosphere of belonging by supporting numerous Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and programs that positively impact our employees and the communities we serve.

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Purposeful Impact

Your journey at Bio-Techne is not just about the work you do; it's about the connections you make, the knowledge you gain, and the impact you have.



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Diversity Feeds Our Innovation

We honor and value diversity, be it diversity of ethnic heritage, gender, age, religion and even thought.
Bio-Techne believes diversity drives our innovation–our progress towards creating healthy lives.
We’re committed to making strides towards a company of belonging, inclusion and diverse representation.

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Finding Connection with Others at Work

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Employee resource groups (ERGs) are voluntary employee-led groups that actively promote belonging. When we belong we feel safe, have a voice, and can express our authentic sense of self. These groups cultivate belonging by bringing employees together based on shared demographics, characteristics, or life experiences. At their core, ERGs are designed to champion and serve the needs of groups and strive to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

ERGs also provide employees with opportunities to develop personally and professionally, network, and address workplace challenges, further enriching 
Bio-Techne’s culture of belonging. All ERGs at Bio-Techne are open to all employees with the purpose of fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity. Open ERG’s demonstrate belonging, create space for allyship, recognize intersectional identities, encourage curious exploration, and learning.



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Focus on Physical, Mental, & Financial

Bio-Techne believes in taking a holistic approach to care for employees and their families. Our robust and competitive packages are built to give you support as you navigate various stages of life.

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Our Impact on Health and Humanity

No matter which division you work in at Bio-Techne, or the specific role you fill, employees get fulfillment knowing that what they do matters. Our products and services lead to scientific and medical discovery and innovation, ease suffering, assist in healing and provide comfort for people across the world.

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Endless Options to Develop a Career

Bio-Techne offers a fast paced, high growth, environment and is a great place to put down roots and grow your career. We have opportunities globally across a diverse set of professions.

2023 CiteAb Awards

In Our Community

Bio-Techne strives to model its values by contributing to the health and welfare of the many communities it calls home, as well as impactful causes that serve our planet. We make financial donations and, with the energy and exuberance of our organization, sponsor volunteer events and charitable opportunities. In 2023, Bio-Techne received the Charitable Initiative of the Year award from CiteAb.

Employees Share What Makes Bio-Techne Great

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