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Cell Culture Media, Serum, and Supplements

Cell culture is a basic laboratory technique that allows the maintentance and growth of living cells outside of the animal or plant where they occur naturally. Successful cell culture provides cell population-optimized base media, supplements, and growth factors that mimic in vivo conditions.


Base Media and Supplements

We offer base media (e.g. DMEM, MEM, RPMI) in multiple formulations to give you choices in glucose, L-glutamine, HEPES, NEAA, nucleosides, phenol red, and sodium pyruvate content. We also develop and manufacture cryopreservation media and supplements for specialty cell culture.


Serum Products

We offer multiple grades of US origin FBS to support a variety of applications including embryonic stem cell and hybridoma culture. We also offer Tet tested, charcoal/dextran treated, and dialyzed grades with reduced levels of particular molecules. Our free sample and lot reservation programs help you identify and count on the best production lot for your experiments.

Cultrex Ready BME

Basement Membrane Extracts and ECM

Promote robust cell growth, viability, and the development of 3D culture systems. We offer a variety of Cultrex™ basement membrane extracts, including our NEW Cultrex™ UltiMatrix RGF Basement Membrane Extract, as well as extracellular matrix products, purified ECM proteins, and ECM pre-coated plates. Read more about Basement Membrane Extracts and ECM.


ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium

New ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium

Supports robust expansion and maintenance of pluripotent stem cell culture for enhanced consistency and reproducibility.

  • Animal component-free
  • No growth factor supplementation required
  • Stable cell integrity over long term culture
Recombinant Protein

Recombinant Proteins, Cytokines, and Growth Factors

Our recombinant cytokines and growth factors set the industry standard based on their premium quality, high bioactivity, and lot-to-lot consistency. We also produce GMP proteins for ex vivo cell manufacturing and ProDots™ proteins that reduce aliquoting and media preparation time.

CSC Cancer Stem Cell Markers, Identification, and Isolation Kits

Stem Cell Culture Reagents

Minimize variability in your stem cell experiments and ensure high performance by using our reagents for your stem cell cultures. We offer a range of products in this area including media and supplements, basement membrane hydrogels, differentiation kits, growth factors, and small molecules that are designed to support optimal stem cell growth and maintain consistency.