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Partner with Bio-Techne for Custom Antibody Development

Generation of new antibodies can be difficult as success is influenced by a number of factors including appropriate immunogen design and immunization strategy. Our custom Antibodies team can provide highly specific, high-quality products, designed just for you, to help advance your research. Our services include: development of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, creation of monoclonal antibody panels, production of recombinant antibodies, antibody conjugation, characterization, manufacturing and GMP conversion, anti-idiotype antibody development, and custom engineering services. Our scientific and project management team will work with you to understand your goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Custom Antibody Services

Customized solutions from Bio-Techne for antibody development and production, tailored fit to overcome the unique challenges of your project.

Custom Antibody Development

Utilize our services to generate custom antibodies from a wide range of host species. Whether you need monoclonal or polyclonal, anti-idiotypic, or cell line specific antibodies, we work with you through all steps so the custom antibody meets your specifications.

Choose from Bio-Techne’s range of 19 different enzymatic and fluorescent labels to create a customized conjugated antibody.

Custom Conjugation Services

Our antibody development scientists can apply their conjugation experience to produce your custom conjugated antibody. With over 19 different enzymatic and fluorescent labels, we can create antibodies for your experiments. Even large quantities of antibodies can be conjugated in a fast turnaround time.

Partner with Bio-Techne’s Custom Antibody Services to screen our library of 15,000 nonretail hybridoma cell line clones to find your antibody.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Our extensive antibodies catalog contains more than 15,000 hybridoma cell line clones, many of which are not available in our retail catalog. Screen this catalog to quickly find your antibody. These antibodies are produced in-house so we can meet your long-term supply needs.

Utilize the expertise of Bio-Techne’s Custom Antibody Services team to convert your existing antibody to a recombinant antibody.

Custom Recombinant Antibody Services

Our hybridoma and B cell to recombinant antibody conversion services can produce a consistent supply, in gram quantities, of a custom engineered monoclonal antibody. Utilize this service to develop scFvs, bi-specifics, or full-length antibodies with a defined, nonglycosylated Fc region.

Custom GMP Antibody research grade, or develop a new antibody

Custom GMP Antibodies

Convert an existing, research grade antibody to GMP, or develop a new antibody. We start with conversion of the hybridoma-derived clone to an immortal recombinant antibody, ensuring a consistent supply. 

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Custom LlaMABodiesTM

Utilize our services to generate a camelid antibody for your difficult to reach target. We can provide single domain and bivalent VHH antibodies for drug delivery studies, high resolution imaging applications, and viral detection and neutralization experiments.  

What to Expect

  • Access to the same developmental scientists that make our retail products
  • Customized reagents and testing so that the reagent meets your specific requirements
  • Quality oversight to ensure your product follows our rigorous quality assurance measures
  • A long-term supply of high-performance products that exhibit the same quality and consistency as our retail products

Custom Antibody Services Case Studies

To help illustrate the breadth of the custom antibody services that we offer, and how other customers have utilized these services, we have compiled a selection of custom antibody services case studies. Each case study describes a problem our customer was facing and the approach we used to develop a custom antibody that would solve their problem and help them reach their goals.

About Us

Bio-Techne has been manufacturing specific and consistent antibodies for over three decades. Leverage our experience and expertise to resolve the antibody issues affecting your study. Watch this video to learn more about what our custom Antibodies team can offer.

Customer Success Stories

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