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Neuroscience Research

Ongoing research continues to test our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie neurobiological processes. Nowadays, research is often demanding more from limited sample amounts. Bio-Techne recognizes this challenge. As a full-solution reagent and services provider, we encourage you to take advantage of our products and reagents, which are built for both reproducibility and compatibility, while harnessing the power of our leading edge technology, to advance your research.

Your Trusted Partner for Neuroscience Research

We are committed to enabling neuroscience research progress and discovery by assuring the scientific quality of our products, instruments, and services. View our infographic to see why Bio-Techne and its family of world-class brands are the trusted partners for neuroscience researchers.

Neuroscience research with innovative tools from Bio-Techne

Neuroscience Applications

Get consistent cell growth and maturation of neural cells and neural stem cells with Bio-Techne’s media and supplements.

Culture Neural Cells

Culture your neural cells using Bio-Techne’s culture media and supplements. Our high-quality cell culture and neural stem cell products are stringently formulated to provide the best conditions for your cells.

Detect proteins and RNA with Bio-Techne antibodies, fluorescent probes, and ISH assays.

Visualize Targets

Probe gene and protein expression profiles in your neural samples using Bio-Techne’s portfolio of IHC/ICC antibodies, ISH assays, and dyes, stains and fluorescent probes. These versatile tools allow you to visualize your target of interest in live cells, fixed cells, and tissue.

Trusted and innovative life science reagents for neuroscience research.

Modulate Neural Activity

Investigate neural cell functioning with Tocris' comprehensive catalog of innovative and high performing chemical tool compounds for neuroscience research including neurotransmitter receptor agonists and antagonists, ion channel blockers, enzyme inhibitors, and caged compounds.

Bio-Techne solutions for detecting and quantifying proteins in neural samples.

Analyze Neural Samples

Get the most out of your neural samples with Bio-Techne’s pioneering analysis solutions. Our decades of experience have produced both scientific gold standards and market-leading innovations to support your detection and analysis goals.