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Culture Neural Cells

Culture your neural cells using Bio-Techne’s culture media and supplements. Our high-quality neural and stem cell culture products are stringently formulated to provide the best conditions for your culturing needs.

Neural Cell Imaging and Detection

Probe gene and protein expressions in your neural cell samples with Bio-Techne’s portfolio of fluorescent and in vivo imaging solutions. We offer customized products and workflow processes for your research.

Modulate Neural Activity

Investigate neural cell functioning with Bio-Techne brand Tocris' comprehensive catalog of innovative and high performing chemical tool compounds for neuroscience research.

Analyze Neural Cell Samples

Get the most out of your neural tissue samples with Bio-Techne’s pioneering analysis solutions.  We provide scientific gold standard products and market-leading innovations to support your detection and single-cell analysis goals.

Resources & Support

From posters and literature, to getting one-on-one support for all of your cancer research workflow needs - Bio-Techne can get you exactly what you need to streamline your research and get you better results faster.

Featured Neuroscience Products

neural cell media for neuroscience research

Neural Cell Media

Bio-Techne offers a complete portfolio of high-quality culture media and supplements for improved growth and survival of cultured neural cells.

These Include cell culture media and supplements; recombinant neurotrophic factors; as well as antibiotics and antifungals.

neuroscience staining

ISH Assays

The RNAscope™ in situ hybridization (ISH) technology detects gene expression with ease in a spatial and morphological tissue context. 

Bio-Techne's specialized probe design in combination with advanced signal amplification enables highly specific and sensitive detection of RNA for your neuroscience research.

You can learn more on the ACDBio website.

ProteinSimple instrument Jess

Advanced Western Blotting Systems

By combining market-leading sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities with quantitation, high throughput and reproducibility you can count on, Simple Western™ allows you to get the most data out of your precious neuroscience samples. Plus, Milo™, the first Single-Cell Western platform offers heterogeneity insights to identify and characterize rare neural cell subtypes.

Gene Engineering Services

Realize the potential of gene engineering by partnering with our experts. Engineer any cell type including T cells, NK cells, and iPSC with our non-viral TcBuster™ gene delivery system.

  • TcBuster shortens the timeline and cost for engineering your cells.
  • TcBuster delivers larger cargo sizes compared to virus-based methods.

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