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Webinar: Biofluid-based Biomarkers for Neurological Disease

Webinar Summary

Biofluid-based neurological biomarkers have shown promise in helping to improve diagnostic accuracy, predict disease progression, and evaluate responses to therapeutic interventions. Neurofilament light- and heavy-chain (NFL, NFH) are cytoskeletal neuronal proteins that are well-suited as biomarkers for neurodegeneration; while basal levels of neurofilaments circulate in both CSF and blood, neurofilament concentrations can rise substantially upon neuronal injury. Because basal NFL levels in serum and plasma are typically in the low picogram per milliliter, sensitive, robust, and reproducible assays are needed to provide high-quality data for monitoring neurodegenerative disease progression and treatment.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how a highly sensitive, automated assay workflow can provide robust, high-quality results on low abundance biomarkers in serum, plasma, and CSF. The discussion will highlight examples of NFL and NFH biomarker measurement related to neurological diseases. Presenters will demonstrate how highly sensitive, reproducible Simple Plex™ NFL assays and NFH assays provide precise biomarker measurement, even at the low levels detected in serum and plasma.