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Simple Plex™ assays on Ella offer superior performance for neurodegenerative disease characterization and monitoring. With enhanced accuracy, reproducibility, sensitivity, and an efficient workflow, Simple Plex assays are ideal for translational neuroscience research. 

Accelerate Your Neuroscience Research with Ella

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Reliable Data.
Consistent Results.

Simple Plex assays on Ella offer a highly sensitive and reproducible method of neuro biomarker detection. Simple Plex assays come with built-in standard curves and hands-free operation, giving you consistent, high-quality data on neurological biomarkers in serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

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Ultra-Sensitive Neuro Biomarker Detection

Simple Plex neuroscience assays have been extensively validated in numerous studies, demonstrating exceptional sensitivity and precision for detecting low abundance proteins. Fluorescent detection improves sensitivity by 10X and boosts dynamic range up to 5 logs while the fully automated assay workflow delivers results in less than 90 minutes. 

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Customizable Open Cartridge Option

Discover a faster and more efficient way to develop custom assays with the Simple Plex customizable open cartridge. With the ability to test several antibody combinations and build up to 48 immunoassays on a single cartridge, you can investigate neurological biomarkers with ease, even at the low levels in serum and plasma.


Photo of neuroscience researcher Dr. Steffen Halbgebauer, Ph.D.

“As biomarkers become increasingly more important for understanding neurological diseases— not only for diagnostics, but for prognostics, staging, and clinical trials— their role in empowering decision making is coming more into focus as we can now measure blood biomarkers using highly sensitive automated assays (like Ella.)” 

— Dr. Steffen Halbgebauer, Ph.D.
Experimental Neurology, University Hospital Ulm, Germany  

Biomarkers for Neuroscience

Simple Plex neuroscience assays are optimized for quantification of neuro biomarkers in common biological fluids such as serum, plasma, and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Each cartridge comes with a factory-calibrated curve, saving you the time and cost of setting up your own curve.

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Need Better Biomarker Data From Your CSF Samples?

We've got neuroscience biomarker assays that have been fully validated for measurement in CSF. Have precious samples and need to measure multiple biomarkers? Talk to our specialists about creating a custom panel for your research.

Rethink Your ELISA with Ella

Standard ELISA techniques for detecting protein biomarkers often come up short in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility. Ella automates your assay workflow, delivering accurate and consistent data—without the manual set up common with traditional ELISAs. With Ella’s compact footprint and hands-free workflow, you get accurate data with no manual steps.

Neuroscience Assay Resources

Developing an NF-L Assay

Raising the Bar in Neurological Biomarker Detection

Because basal NFL levels in serum and plasma are typically in the low picogram per milliliter, sensitive, robust, and reproducible assays are needed to provide high-quality data. Watch this short clip from a recent Ella Neuroscience webinar where presenters demonstrate how highly sensitive, reproducible Simple Plex™ NFL and NFH assays provide precise biomarker measurement, even at the low levels detected in serum and plasma.


Improving Diagnostic Accuracy

Biofluid-based neurological biomarkers have shown promise in helping to improve diagnostic accuracy, predict disease progression, and evaluate responses to therapeutic interventions. Steffan Halgebauer discusses the challenges neuroscientists face when evaluating biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases and how Ella helps save time and conserve samples compared to other immunoassay platforms.


Webinar Clip - Biofluidic-Based Biomarkers for Neurological Diseases

Monitoring Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurofilament heavy and light chains are associated with a number of pathological conditions, and both individually and in conjunction are promising better diagnosis and monitoring of a number of diseases. Learn how researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, and Cedars-Sinai in collaboration with Bio-Techne are exploring the promise of NF-L and NF-H as biomarkers.

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Additional Ella Applications