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Protein Size Analysis with CE-SDS on Maurice and MauriceFlex

Upgrade from SDS-PAGE and other CE systems for automated, high-quality protein purity analysis with CE-SDS on Maurice™ and MauriceFlex™ systems.

  • Get consistent results with plug-and-play, pre-assembled cartridges
  • Get rapid results in as little as 5.5 minutes
  • Boost efficiency with high-throughput sample analysis
  • Make informed decisions with high-resolution data
  • Stay compliant with multiple software options: Compass for iCE, Waters™ Empower® CDS, or Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon® CDS 



Maurice iCE Instrument runs capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS)

One CE-SDS Instrument, Seamless Method Transfer

Both Maurice and MauriceFlex allow you to use a single instrument for both Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS assays. Method development is effortless, and the data is 21CFR Part 11 compliant, ensuring a smooth transition between stages of biotherapeutic development.


CE-SDS for all Stages of Biotherapeutic Development

Turbo CE-SDS™ - Achieve rapid size analysis in just 5.5 minutes per sample, ideal for early discovery, clone selection, and formulation studies.
CE-SDS PLUS - Fast method development, superior resolution data, and seamless method transfer for analytical development and QC.


Maurice Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS

Featured Resources

App Note Thumbnail - Turbo Bioprocessing Whitepaper

Assessment of Upstream Bioprocess Samples

Find out how Turbo CE-SDS and icIEF methods on a single Maurice platform accelerate the analysis of samples in upstream processes.

Maurice CE-SDS an USP129 Equivalent Data

Comparability with USP <129> Data

Find out how the Maurice CE-SDS PLUS method compares with the USP <129> protocol for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies.

Biosimilar Stability Studies with Maurice App-Note

CE-SDS in Biosimilar Development

Read about how the Maurice system analyzed charge and molecular weight heterogeneity of biosimilar antibodies under eight different stress conditions.

Choosing CE-SDS Over SDS-PAGE

Say goodbye to cumbersome and manual SDS-PAGE – no more preparing gels, laborious sample prep, and poor reproducibility. With CE-SDS, you’ll get high quality, quantitative, and reproducible data. You can even get a gel-like representation of your data using Lane View on the Compass for iCE software. Maurice even comes with an optional filtration upgrade for containing those noxious β-ME odors.

Ultimatrix Video Icon

Advantages of CE-SDS

Listen to DDW's podcast with Dr. Tufan Aydogdu, a Field Applications Scientist at ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, as they discuss the benefits of automated CE-SDS over SDS-PAGE.

Comparing SDS-PAGE with Maurice CE-SDS for Protein Purity Analysis

Comparing SDS-PAGE with Maurice CE-SDS

Read our Application Note, on the comparison of Maurice™ CE-SDS with SDS PAGE in parallel, using a standard and a commercially available therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) under varying conditions. The comparative results highlight the advantages of Maurice CE-SDS over SDS PAGE for routine product purity characterization.

Apparent Molecular Weight on CE-SDS and SDS-Page Thumbnail

Apparent Molecular Weight on CE-SDS vs SDS-PAGE

Read our technical note on relevant peer-reviewed publications addressing factors for comparing molecular weights between CE-SDS and SDS-PAGE.

CE-SDS Applications in Cell and Gene Therapy

Whether you want to measure the capsid protein ratio of your AAV vectors or confirm the identity and titer of lentiviral vectors, CE-SDS with Maurice lets you analyze your samples with both Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS methods.

Viral Vector Characterization Application Note

Viral Vector Analysis from Discovery to GMP Release

Find out how Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS methods compare with each other for the analysis of AAV purity, capsid protein ratio, and serotype identity.

Lentivirus - viral vector characterization App Note Thumbnail

Lentiviral Vector Characterization Made Easy

Read about how the Maurice CE-SDS PLUS method can be used as an identity and titer assay for LVVs in cell therapy.

Videos Webinars Icon

Optimizing Viral Vector Purity Analysis

Watch our webinar on optimizing the Maurice CE-SDS method for analyzing AAVs, LVVs, and Adenovirus.

iCE Instruments for CE-SDS

Maurice Instrument


One-stop icIEF and CE-SDS. Purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis.



All-in-one platform for icIEF fractionation plus all the icIEF and CE-SDS capabilities of Maurice. 

Maurice S.

Maurice S

Ready-to-go Turbo CE-SDS or CE-SDS PLUS. Simplifies size separation workflows.

Hear from Maurice Users

How are scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry using the Maurice system for protein charge and size analysis? Check out these videos featuring scientists who have used Maurice for method transfer, formulation, and gene therapy development. They share their experiences and insights on using Maurice for different applications to do cutting-edge biotherapeutic development.