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CE-SDS with Maurice

Meet Maurice, your fully automated CE platform that gives you:

  • Ease of use
  • Reproducibility
  • High-quality data
  • Easy method transfer
  • Regulatory compliance


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Maurice iCE Instrument runs capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS)
Imaged cief protein fractionation on Maurice Flex - banner

Implement CE-SDS at Any Stage of Biotherapeutic Development

Turbo CE-SDS™ - high quality size analysis in as little as 5.5 minutes for high-throughput applications including cell culture and clonal selection
CE-SDS PLUS - fast method development, high-quality data, and seamless method transfer to QC


Analyze Different Types of Molecules

Get purity data under 35 minutes for all sorts of biotherapeutics – mAbs, biosimilars, viral vectors, GMP proteins, and more. See our Additional Resources for information.

CE-SDS data represented gel like so data can be visualized as it looks on SDS-PAGE

Podcast - Comparing SDS-PAGE with Automated CE-SDS for Faster Sample Turn-around Time V2

Advantages of CE-SDS over SDS-PAGE

SDS-PAGE is widely used for protein purity analysis but is only semi-quantitative and is limited by challenges like tedious sample prep and poor reproducibility. It then becomes difficult to precisely assess the product's efficacy and/or safety, potentially delaying, even jeopardizing, its approval. In contrast, CE-SDS is a highly quantitative method for purity analysis that gives you high-quality, reproducible data. Other advantages of CE-SDS on Maurice include:

  • Automation
  • Ease-of-use
  • Increased throughput
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Streamlined workflow

Listen to our podcast with Drug Discovery World (DDW) and Dr. Tufan Aydogdu, Field Applications Scientist, ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, where they dive into the details of automated CE-SDS and the advantages it brings over SDS-PAGE.

Transition from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS

Say goodbye to cumbersome and manual SDS-PAGE – no more preparing gels, laborious sample prep, and poor reproducibility. With CE-SDS, you’ll get high quality, quantitative, and reproducible data. You can even get a gel-like representation of your data using Lane View on the Compass for iCE software. Maurice even comes with an optional filtration upgrade for containing those noxious β-ME odors.

Here are some more resources to help you with your transition:

CE-SDS versus SDS-PAGE App note reviewing publications that site important factors to consider when comparing molecular weight (MW) data from CE-SDS and SDS-PAGE

CE-SDS with Maurice from ProteinSimple versus SDS-PAGE

Reduce Time in the Lab

From generating USP <129> comparable data to allowing control with the Waters™ Empower® software, Maurice enhances CE-SDS and saves you time and resources!

  • Get USP <129> Equivalent Data with Maurice CE-SDS – this Application Note demonstrates the comparability of the Maurice CE-SDS PLUS method with the USP <129> protocol for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies.
  • QC-Specific Workflows Made Easy – this Application Note shows you how to develop a QC-specific workflow that eliminates the need to use a commercial internal standard, freeing you from concerns like introducing contaminants to test samples that might interfere with subsequent analyses.
  • Power up Maurice with Waters™ Empower® Software – this Application Note explains how Maurice gives you the data integrity, repeatability, and accuracy you need in your regulated laboratory environment by allowing a seamless integration with the Waters Empower 3 software.
  • Easily Transfer Your CE-SDS Methods to Maurice – this webinar explains how scientists from Pfizer optimized their Maurice CE-SDS method to achieve comparable results to those of a conventional CE system.

One Instrument for All Your CE-SDS Needs

Whether you're in early discovery or late-stage QC, use one instrument for your CE-SDS methods to save on time, capital, and bench space. Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS cartridges are specifically designed to address your stage-specific CE-SDS needs. Turbo CE-SDS gives you speed and throughput ideal for early development and formulation, while CE-SDS PLUS has the resolution you need for analytical development and QC. Switching between the two is simply a matter of swapping out the cartridges. Method development is fast and easy, method transfer is seamless—even between cartridges—and the data is 21CFR Part 11 compliant.

Turbo CE-SDS™

The Turbo CE-SDS cartridge gives you high throughput with analysis in as little as 5.5 minutes per sample, without any protein labeling. Prepare you samples, plug in the cartridge, load them onto your Maurice instrument, and get high quality data with direct detection. Ideal for use in early discovery, clone selection,  and formulation stability studies, where sample throughput is the biggest bottleneck.



The CE-SDS PLUS cartridge lets you develop your methods fast, transfer them easily across phases, and gives you superior resolution data, all within 25-35 minutes. Best for use in analytical development and QC.

Turbo CE-SDS Vs CE-SDS Plus Comparison Graph
ProteinSimple IgG Standard data from both cartridges. Peaks are aligned using Internal Standard.
Turbo CE-SDS by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne Brand

Featured Resources

App Note Thumbnail - Turbo Bioprocessing Whitepaper

Assessment of Upstream Bioprocess Samples

Find out how Turbo CE-SDS and icIEF methods on a single Maurice platform accelerate the analysis of samples in upstream processes.

AAV Turbo vs CE-SDS Plus App Note Thumbnail

Comparability of Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS for Viral Vector Analysis

Read about how the Turbo CE-SDS and CE-SDS PLUS methods compare with each other for the analysis of viral vector CQAs including identity, purity, and capsid protein ratio.

Instrument Bundle Promotion

iCE Instruments for CE-SDS

Maurice Instrument


One-stop icIEF and CE-SDS. Purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis.



All-in-one platform for icIEF fractionation plus all the icIEF and CE-SDS capabilities of Maurice. 

Maurice S.

Maurice S.

Ready-to-go Turbo CE-SDS or CE-SDS PLUS. Simplifies size separation workflows.

Hear from iCE Maurice Users

Hear from Maurice Users


How are scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry using the Maurice system for protein charge and size analysis? Check out these videos featuring scientists who have used Maurice for method transfer, formulation, and gene therapy development. They share their experiences and insights on using Maurice for different applications to do cutting-edge biotherapeutic development.

Additional Resources

*The CE-SDS cartridge has been discontinued as of December 31, 2021.