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Imaged-Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (icIEF) with Maurice

Meet Maurice, your fully automated capillary electrophoresis instrument that gives you:

  • Ease of use
  • Reproducibility
  • High-quality data
  • Easy method transfer
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Method development in less than a day


Table of Contents

Maurice Instrument

icIEF vs cIEF

icIEF is the industry’s gold-standard for protein charge analysis, and there is a difference between icIEF and traditional cIEF. Both measure charge heterogeneity of molecules, but icIEF, based on the iCE technology, uses whole-column imaging, which eliminates the need for mobilization after separation, thus retaining resolution while providing data in 10-15 minutes.


Illustration - icIEF Technology

Simplify Protein Charge Analysis

The Maurice instrument accelerates protein charge analysis by automating several steps, allowing icIEF method development in a day while providing high-quality data.


  • Instrument setup, capillary loading, and clean-up
  • Protein mobilization
  • Prolonged method development
  • High sample volumes


  • Ease of use - plug in the ready-to-use cartridge, load your samples, and hit Start!
  • More time back – analyze samples in 10-15 minutes
  • High-quality protein charge data in real time
  • Data with low sample volumes
  • icIEF method development in a day
  • Seamless method transfer to QC

Maurice Virtual Demo

Come explore and see how easy it is to measure charge and size heterogeneity with Maurice. Learn about these key elements:

  • Hardware
  • Sample Prep, cIEF and CE-SDS
  • Cartridge Prep & Install, cIEF and CE-SDS
  • Set-up
  • On-board Mixing
  • Compass for iCE Software
  • Maurice Empower® Control Kit
  • Cartridge Cleaning, cIEF and CE-SDS
ProteinSimple Maurice Demo Intro

iCE Instruments for icIEF

Maurice Instrument


One-stop cIEF and CE-SDS

Purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis

Maurice C Instrument

Maurice C.

cIEF data in a snap

Identity and charge heterogeneity

Get the icIEF Data You Need

Are reproducibility issues hindering your transition across different stages of biotherapeutic development? Whether you’re switching between users or labs, Maurice will give you highly reproducible data on your therapeutics’ charge profiles.

Analyze a Variety of Therapeutic Proteins

Characterize monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, ADCs, viral vectors, fusion proteins, and more! Analyze molecules even with the most complicated charge profiles, whether you’re in analytical development, QC, formulation development or other phases.

Featured Resources

App Note - Maurice AAV Ultragenyx Thumbnail

Analyze AAVs

Check if your AAV capsids are empty or full by leveraging the Maurice system's absorbance and native fluorescence detection modes.

Cetuximab Biosimilar Stability Studies with Maurice App-Note

Analyze Monoclonal Antibodies

See how the Maurice system evaluated the stability of Cetuximab samples that were subjected to forced degradation under various conditions.

Fujifilm CE-SDS Spotlight Thumbnail

Implement Maurice

Using 5 different monoclonal antibodies, see how your peers at Fujifilm evaluated the Maurice system as a replacement of the iCE3 system for routine protein charge analyses.

Save Your Samples

IC-IEF on Maurice showing data from an AAV sample using absorbance and native fluorescence (NF) detection modes
A side-by-side comparison of an AAV sample analyzed with absorbance and NF detection modes.


icIEF with Maurice offers both absorbance and native fluorescence (NF) detection modes. NF offers 4X the sensitivity of absorbance so you can get the data you need while saving your precious samples! Go as low as 0.7 µg/mL, and you can even reduce the amount of urea in some of your methods since samples tend to aggregate less at lower concentrations.

Read our Application Note for more details on native fluorescence with Maurice.

Maurice On-Board Mixing (OBM) lets you preserve the stability of your samples by adding the IEF master mix right before sample injection instead of mixing them beforehand. Read our Application Note to learn more about Maurice OBM.

Stay 21CFR Part 11 Compliant

In addition to providing high-quality data, our easy-to-use Compass for iCE software addresses your compliance requirements. Do you currently use Waters™ Empower® 3 Chromatography software? You can use it to control Maurice and perform data analysis with our Maurice Empower Control Kit.

More resources:

Coming Soon - icIEF Fractionation with MauriceFlex™

You'll soon be able to collect fractions of your charge profiles and characterize them further using analytical methods of your choice including mass spectrometry and peptide mapping. MauriceFlex provides offline fractionation capabilities in addition to routine icIEF and CE-SDS assays. You no longer need to worry about columns, tedious IEX methods, or bridging studies when it comes to analyzing fractions. Coming to your bench in early 2023! 

Learn more about MauriceFlex™ with these resources: