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Maurice Turbo CE-SDS Application Kit

ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne Brand

Compatible with Maurice and Maurice S. systems. For research use only.
Maurice Turbo CE-SDS Application Kit
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The Turbo CE-SDS™ Application Kit contains all components required to run Turbo CE-SDS applications. The kit includes 1 Turbo CE-SDS cartridge, Separation Matrix, Running Buffer, CE-SDS Sample Buffer, CE-SDS PLUS Sample Buffer, Wash Solution, Conditioning Solutions, Internal Standard, Reagent Vials, Pressure Caps and 96-Well Plates. Molecular weight markers can be ordered separately.
With Turbo CE-SDS you can:
  • Get more time back with 80% faster separation than CE-SDS PLUS. As little as 5.5 minutes per sample.
  • Make faster decisions with confidence in your data
  • Improve patient lives sooner by reducing your development time to market
  • Get even more value from your Maurice system - more data, faster, without an additional capital investment, and up to 2,400 samples per cartridge, for a lower cost per sample
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