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Featured Flow Cytometry Products

mFluor Violet Conjugated Antibodies

Increased Flexibility in Flow Panel Design

Explore an expansive catalog of mFluor™ Violet Conjugated Antibodies for enhanced versatility in your experiments.

Namocell Pala instrument

Fast, Gentle & Easy Single Cell Isolation

Namocell Hana and Pala make single cell sorting fast and easy. See how these benchtop instruments combine microfluidics, flow cytometry and direct liquid dispensing to accomplish gentle cell sorting and dispensing in one simple step.

Fluorokine teaser card

Fluorokines: Fluorescently Labeled Proteins

Easily measure transduction efficiency of CAR T or CAR NK cell preparations or determine B cell specificity after COVID-19 infection or vaccination.

Flow Cytometry Antibodies

4 rows of fluorescently conjugated antibodies in vials with white and blue labels, and lids of various colors.

Find our full selection of flow cytometry validated antibodies, including fluorescent conjugated primary antibodies, secondary antibodies and isotype controls. Explore our broad selection of fluorescently conjugated antibodies, including Alexa Fluor® 488, Alexa Fluor® 647, PE, PE-Cy7™, and more! Take the guesswork out of flow cytometry panel design with our multicolor flow kits and panels.

Flow Cytometry Tools for Experimental Design

Rainbow-colored mesh design over dark blue background.

Flow Cytometry Panel Builder Tool

Save time and reduce costly mistakes by quickly finding compatible reagents using the Panel Builder Tool.

Cell Markers teaser card

Interactive Cell Marker Tool

Learn more about cell surface and intracellular markers from R&D Systems, a Bio‑Techne brand.

MagCellect™ Cell Selection Kits & Reagents

Isolate and enrich cell populations through magnetic, bead-based positive or negative selection without the need for specialized columns.

Featured MagCellect Kits

B Cells CD4+ T Cells CD45+ Cells NK Cells
CD3+ T Cells CD4+ CD25+ Tregs CD44+ Cells EGFR+ Cells
CD8+ T Cells CD14+ Monocytes EpCAM+ Cells E-Cadherin+ Cells

Key Flow Cytometry Resources

View of the Flow cytometry handbook and a single cell as a background

Flow Cytometry Handbook

Our Flow Cytometry Handbook is the must have resource for flow cytometry researchers. Download now to find step-by-step protocols and troubleshooting tips.

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