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Conjugated Antibody Flow Cytometry Cell

Flow Cytometry Panels for Immunophenotyping

  • Remove the uncertainty of flow cytometry panel design and leave it to our team of antibody experts.

  • Improve reproducibility and standardize immunophenotyping in your laboratory with our multicolor flow cytometry panels.

  • Have confidence in your results with Bio-Techne’s flow validated antibody panels using our rigorously tested antibodies.

Flow Cytometry Kits

Bio-Techne’s Flow Cytometry Kits contain everything you need to confidently identify your population of interest from a heterogenous mixture of cells.

  • Fluorochrome conjugated antibodies
  • Staining, permeabilization, and fixation buffers (as required)
  • Staining protocol and suggested gating strategy

With panels validated in multiple species, including human, mouse, and rat, find the reagents to fit your research needs.

New! FlowX NK Human NK Cell Phenotyping Flow Cytometry Kit

Human NK cell phenotyping  by flow cytometry. PBMCs were expanded for 13 days and stained with antibodies from the FlowX Human NK Cell Phenotyping Flow Cytometry Kit (Catalog # FMC033). CD3-CD56+ NK cells are examined for expression of NKp30, CD16, NKG2D, and NKp46.

CD3 (clone UCHT1), NKG2D/CD314 (clone 149810), NKp30/NCR3 (clone 210845), and NKp46/NCR1 (clone 195314) were independently validated by HLDA and used to designate CD nomenclature of target.

View FlowX Human NK Cell Phenotyping Flow Cytometry Kit

Featured Multicolor Flow Cytometry Kits

Improve Flow Cytometry Standardization

Isotype-control graph

Isotype Controls

Standardize and increase reproducibility of your flow cytometry assays with our flow cytometry validated isotype controls.

Flow Calibration Beads Graph

Flow Cytometry Beads

Find beads for cytometer calibration, fluorescence standardization, compensation, and cell counting at Novus Biologicals.