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The development of safe, effective immune cell therapies is a challenging road. Comparability, compliance, and product insights are essential in accelerating your R&D and clinical development programs. The key factors for bringing therapeutics to successful commercialization are:

  • Lot-to-lot consistency, reproducibility, and scalability
  • Understanding your therapy’s mechanism of action and its interactions in the tumor microenvironment
  • Product characterization, defining the right critical quality attributes and the ability to measure them
  • Accurate efficacy and toxicity testing for the validation of preclinical models 

We understand the challenges you face in immune cell therapy development because we’ve been closely collaborating in the field for over 45 years. We commit to working in partnership with you, providing innovative solutions that support you throughout the immune cell therapy workflow. 

Our pioneering technologies are designed to mitigate risks, boost reproducibility, and enable you to draw the meaningful conclusions you need to drive clinical advances.


Immune Cell Therapy Workflow

Immune Cell Therapy Workflow

Supporting Your Cell Therapy from Benchtop to Clinic

Transitioning from research to the clinic can be challenging as you face more stringent qualification of raw materials. To help you move from RUO to GMP, we provide GMP cytokines and growth factors from our dedicated animal-free, GMP manufacturing facility. Each GMP product is directly comparable to our RUO animal-free version and is manufactured under ISO 9001 and 13485 Quality Management Systems, and to USP and European guidelines - so you can transition easily, with confidence in the supply and quality of your raw materials.

Our solutions can ease your transition from RUO to GMP:

  • Scalable through commercialization
  • Large lot sizes mean less bridging
  • Full quality and regulatory support
  • Drug Master Files available
GMP Cell Therapy

ScaleReady™ - The Power of Partnerships

To lower the barriers to entry in immune cell therapy, we’ve partnered with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady™—for all sizes and stages of manufacturing programs. ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by significantly reducing complexity and cost while consistently providing superior repeatability and cell quality.

The ScaleReady portfolio delivers simplified, streamlined, scalable immune cell therapy solutions using deep industry knowledge and process optimization expertise. ScaleReady empowers therapeutic manufacturers to move with speed, enabling high throughput parallel processing of cell therapies within a small footprint, efficiently producing more with less.  When leveraging the flexibility of the large-volume Lovo® and small-volume Cue® automated cell processing systems, Bio-Techne reagents, and G-Rex® Bioreactors, developers can produce a seamlessly translational and standardized workflow, research to commercialization.


Custom Services for Immune Cell Therapy

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have specific requirements? We can help you optimize your process and minimize labor, waste, and risk. We bottle and package bulk reagents to fit your exact process requirements whether it’s research-grade or GMP‑grade.

Our custom immune cell therapy solutions include:

  • GMP protein and antibody development
  • Cell culture media manufacturing
  • Small molecules and chemistry services
  • Gene engineering services
GMP Facility Materials