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Advanced Western Blotting Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy

Develop and characterize your therapeutic candidates with Simple Western systems. The automated sample processing of Simple Western assays gives you reproducible, accurate and precise data with less hands-on time and faster time to market. Multiplex analysis with chemiluminescence and industry-leading Stellar™ NIR/IR Detection Modules. Get even more data points per sample with RePlex™ sequential immunoassays and total protein detection and reduce cost compared to traditional Western blot. Track stem cell differentiation and heterogeneity analysis with Milo™, the world's first Single-Cell Western platform.

    Cell and gene therapy

    The Simple Western Advantage In Cell & Gene Therapy

    • Sensitivity. Conserve your precious AAV sample with purity assays that are more sensitive than SYPRO Ruby.
    • Quantitation. Simple Western provides quantitative protein measurements with a 4-log dynamic range.
    • Reproducibility. Eliminate the variation of traditional Western blots with CVs consistently below 15-20%.
    • High Throughput. Simple Western generates up to 96 data points in a single overnight run, all in a fully automated fashion! Get quantitative data and screen therapeutic candidates.
    • Large Protein Detection. Detect and analyze large molecular weight proteins like dystrophin that can be challenging if not impossible with traditional Western blots.
    • Method Transferability. Take advantage of full assay automation and Compass for Simple Western to get digital run files containing assay conditions and data, allowing for easy analysis, transfer, and archiving between sites or from sponsors to CROs. 21 CFR Part 11-compliant and GMP-ready. 
    Jess Instrument with AAV cell Hero Image

    One Platform, 6 Assays for Vector CQAs

    What if you could measure many critical quality attributes (CQAs) in one platform? Meet Jess™, automated multi-attribute analysis.

    • 3 µL of sample to conserve precious AAV samples
    • Fast - 24 samples in as little as 3 hours
    • Complex samples like viral lysates
    • Flexible assay development 
    • Conventional antibodies for detection
    • Reproducible & fully quantitative results
    Jess Simple Western AAV characterization including AAV viral titer and capsid ratio and viral identification

    Do Your AAVs Contain DNA?

    Quantify Empty/Full Content Ratio with High Sensitivity, Reproducibility, and Specificity


    Minimal sample expenditure for analysis. Use only 3 μL of sample and detect as few as 7.2 x 107 viral particles per well.

    5 hours to results with RePlex. Process many samples quickly and without user intervention and scale up with AAV manufacturing workflows. 


    Measure AAV Empty/Full Capsid Content Ratio with Simple Western

    Automated Empty/Full Measurements in Complex Sample Types


    Eliminate the need for laborious sample purification steps. Measure Empty/Full content ratios in crude, partially purified, and purified samples. 

    Multi-attribute analysis. High sensitivity multiplexing in chemi and NIR/IR detection channels. Screen for process-related and host-cell impurities.



    From Your Peers in Cell & Gene Therapy Research

    "I used Simple Western because the protein samples I had were small. We only had a small number of [iPSC-derived macrophages] because the cell line does not proliferate.

    - Dr. Elena Navarro-Guerrero, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Nuffield Department of Medicine, Target Discovery Institute, University of Oxford

    Elena Navarro-Guerrero

    Sensitive Purity Measurements

    The laborious SDS-PAGE method with SYPRO Ruby staining requires at least 1 ng of protein for reliable detection. Simple Western reliably detects as little as 150 pg with Total Protein Detection without the need for an anti-HCP antibody. Get the purity information you need while conserving your precious AAV samples!

    Simple Western ultra-high sensitivity total protein assays for AAV analysis in CGT
    Side-by-side comparison of AAV total protein assay on Simple Western (left) and SYPRO Ruby (right).

    Reproducible Quantification of AAV2 VP Ratios

    PROGEN and Simple Western team up for fit-for-purpose solutions for viral titer and VP capsid protein ratio measurements. We show the establishment of the AAV2 VP protein standards by PROGEN as well as the assay performance data that demonstrates linearity and high-sensitivity in a Simple Western automated workflow.


    Advanced Analytics for AAV Characterization

    Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult in London and Simple Western team up for advanced AAV vector characterization, addressing industry challenges in (1) assay precision, (2) standardization and throughput, and (3) enabling in-line product characterization in closed processes. In this webinar,  Dr. Chris Heger from ProteinSimple and Dr. Tony Bou Kheir from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult discuss meeting quality control requirements for AAV product release.

    Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult consortium

    Multi-Attribute Analysis of Lentivirus Vectors

    When it comes to vector characterization, Simple Western isn't just limited to AAVs. As an open platform, new assays with new samples and targets are developed by simply swapping in your primary antibody of choice. With Jess, you get lentiviral titer, purity, capsid content, stability, transduction analysis, and more.

    3-D illustration of a virus

    Quantify Large Proteins like Dystrophin

    Dystrophin's large molecular weight is no problem for Simple Western which can easily detect and quantify proteins from 6 to 440 kDa. This major advantage over traditional Western blot is accompanied by automation, high throughput, high sensitivity, and low-sample size requirements. As a result, Simple Western is rapidly increasing contributions to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) research in journals like Science and Nature Medicine.

    Dystrophin protein expression analysis by Simple Western

    Western Analysis with Single-Cell Resolution 

    Single-Cell Westerns on Milo measure protein expression in thousands of single cells per run. Their high sensitivity combined with the ability to use conventional Western blotting antibodies makes them particularly well-suited for quantifying gene therapy efficacy and tracking stem cell differentiation.

      Cell culture

      Milo in Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

      Milo's Single-Cell Westerns are used in clinical trials aimed at advancing gene therapies for Sickle Cell Disease and other hemoglobinopathies.

      • Milo resolves hemoglobin subunits in single red blood cells (RBCs), something that is nearly impossible to do with flow cytometry, enabling researchers to track efficacy of sickle cell gene therapies.
      • Milo quantifies editing efficiency of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), quantify differentiation efficiency of HSCs into RBCs, and differentiate between hemoglobin subunits, measuring their expression with existing commercial reagents.
      Single-cell Western Cell  and Gene Therapy - sickle cell analysis