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Webinar: The CAR Toolkit: Progress and Challenges in CAR T/NK Cell R&D and Manufacture

Webinar Summary

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy has changed the face of cancer treatment and led to transformative clinical results in some patients. CAR-NK therapies are also gaining traction due to their potential to address some of the ongoing challenges with CAR T cells, such as safety and efficacy.

With numerous clinical trials underway and multiple CAR T cell products now approved, solving the current obstacles when manufacturing CAR-T/NK cell products continues to be a pressing issue for the cellular immunotherapy field. In particular, the ability to evaluate the expression of a CAR following T cell or NK cell transduction is a critical step in the development and production of these cell therapy products.

Watch this webinar, hosted by BioInsights, to hear about the current challenges, latest progress, and innovation facing CAR T and CAR NK development. In addition, a method for direct staining and detection of specific CARs by flow cytometry will be presented.

  • Key challenges when developing and manufacturing CAR T/NK cell products
  • The importance of the CAR expression evaluation step for CAR T/NK cell R&D and manufacture
  • Current methods used for CAR detection and evaluation, along with their advantages and drawbacks
  • Fluorescent-labeled proteins that enable direct staining and detection of specific CAR by flow cytometry, providing advantages over antibodies in speed, specificity, and low background staining