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Webinar: Deep Dive Luminex Multiplex Assays with Bio-Techne

Webinar Summary

Multiplexing is key for screening various biomarkers for the identification of diseases. During this webinar Senior Bio-Techne Scientist, Richard Fuerstenburg, will walk you through the validation needed for Luminex assays. You’ll also learn about the factors that provide specificity and sensitivity to our Bio-Techne assays.

Get accurate results with minimum false positives in your next experiment using Luminex Assays. Register for the webinar today.


Richard Fuerstenberg, Senior Scientist Bio-Techne

Richard Fuerstenberg is a Senior Scientist for Bio-Techne with a specialty in immunoassay development and applications. Richard has more than 30 years of experience in assay development and was a long time R&D Manager for Bio-Techne. He has in-depth technical knowledge on all of the Bio-Techne assay platforms and has now assumed a customer facing role in order to utilize his expertise and advise on applications and development. Most recently Richard's focus has been on developing novel applications for multiplex assays.


Suruchi Arora, Product Manager SEA and ANZ

Suruchi Arora, PhD obtained her PhD and did her post-doctoral study at National University of Singapore. Suruchi joined Bio-Techne as a Field Application Scientist for APAC in 2016. Currently, she is the Product manager for Bio-Techne brands such as Protein Simple, R&D Systems, Novus and Tocris in South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand.