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Webinar: Key Considerations for Cytokine Supplier Selection for Cell Therapies

Webinar Summary

Are your critical reagents suitable for use? Do they meet your needs for patient safety, consistency, and supply chain?

In the cell therapy space, GMP ancillary materials include cytokines and growth factors used as culture supplements to make cell-based medicines. The success of a cell therapy can depend on the quality and consistency of supply of these ancillary materials, making the choice of supplier a crucial decision to get right.

In this 15-minute webinar, you will learn how effective partnering is central to ensuring end-users' primary considerations of patient safety, lot-to-lot consistency, and supply chain reliability, including tips for choosing your next supplier:

  • Types of testing you should be looking for when ensuring patient safety
  • How to ensure consistency in cell cultures and controlling for assay variability
  • Questions to ask to ensure a supplier can meet your needs through later stage trials

After the webinar, continue learning about our GMP capabilities on our website, contact a specialist and check out this RUO to GMP flyer.