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Antibodies for IVD Assay Development

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, has over 30 years of experience manufacturing highly trusted ELISA kits. The foundation of Bio-Techne’s immunoassays is R&D Systems antibodies, which offer breadth of target selection with reproducible results. R&D Systems antibodies are developed using industry-leading production and quality control specifications to ensure they are highly validated and specific, thus contributing to the unmatched performance of our immunoassays.

If you are pursuing the development of an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assay on an existing or novel platform, our matched antibody pair catalog is the perfect starting point when you are depending on specificity and consistent supply.

Benefits of Using Our Matched Antibody Pairs for IVD Assay Development

  • Analyte specificity has been tested in a sandwich immunoassay using rigorously screened antibody pairs.
  • A paired detection antibody is recommend for each antibody designated as an ELISA capture antibody.
  • Bulk quantities of the antibodies are readily available.
TREM2 Monoclonal Antibody detects increasing concentrations of Recombinant Human TREM2 in an ELISA

Additional Products for IVD Assay Development


R&D Systems Recombinant Proteins for Protein Standards

R&D Systems is the leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins. Explore our wide selection of bioactive proteins, including cytokines, growth factors, immune checkpoint proteins, enzymes, Animal-Free and GMP-grade proteins, to find your specific protein standard.

Cliniqa Logo

Cliniqa™ Clinical Controls to Assure Accurate Results

Cliniqa, a Bio-Techne brand, is a leader in clinical diagnostics. Explore their range of quality controls and other products, including bulk reagents for clinical diagnostic tests, for development of your IVD assay.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Panels for Novel Immunoassay Platforms

Bio-Techne offers more antibodies than what is listed in our catalog. For every monoclonal antibody listed in our retail catalog, we have up to 30 additional non-catalog antibodies also available. Screen these custom monoclonal antibody panels to find the antibody that will work for your novel immunoassay.

Our Custom Monoclonal Antibody Panels Provide:

  • Validated target specificity as all clones have been screened by direct ELISA for target detection.
  • A means to avoid full antibody development, thereby saving you time and money.
  • The ability to scale up production for bulk quantities of your antibody.
  • A consistent supply of the antibody for your long-term needs as it is produced in-house at Bio-Techne.

Certifications and Licensing

Bio-Techne and its brands are ISO certified.


As a leading supplier of reagents for diagnostic and therapeutic development, our products are manufactured under compliance with ISO-9001 and/or ISO-13485 certifications.

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Biotechnology Licensing and Partnering

Bio-Techne has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products. Learn more about the in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities we offer.

Need a Research Use Only Immunoassay Kit?

Bio-Techne offers a full catalog of immunoassay kits spanning 700 targets across 12 species. These off-the-shelf immunoassay solutions are immediately available to fit into your research workflow. We have leveraged our expertise in developing immunoassays to enable you to find the platform that best fits your needs. From the most published ELISAs on the market, to Luminex® multiplex assays, to the Simple Plex automated assays on our Ella platform, click below to learn more and start collecting your data.