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Request a sample of a GMP cytokine or growth factor that we produce in our GMP manufacturing facility. This facility is entirely animal-free and features large-scale bioreactors with room for expansion, backed by experienced manufacturing, quality, and regulatory teams.

Incorporate GMP proteins in your process to help make your transition to clinical manufacturing as efficient as possible. Each GMP cytokine and growth factor is directly comparable to our preclinical animal-free version.

Liquid frozen formulations simplify media preparation and eliminate reconstitution errors. These ready-to-use cytokines provide the same potency and consistency as our lyophilized proteins.

  • Scalable through commercialization
  • Large lot sizes for less bridging
  • Full Quality and Regulatory support
  • Master Files available
  • Dedicated animal-free manufacturing facility
Free GMP Protein Sample IL-10

Request Your GMP Protein Sample