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Cell Expansion and Characterization

As cell therapies continue to diversify in cell type used, effectively and consistently characterizing their unique functional characteristics is key. Our platforms offer sensitive and specific assays that spare your precious samples, with the flexibility to determine efficacy, potency and safety throughout your manufacturing process.

Tracking Cell Differentiation Through Expansion

Measure edited genes and downstream markers at the same time

The Milo system measures protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run so you can profile heterogeneity in your samples. Its Single-Cell Westerns measure your edited gene and downstream effect markers simultaneously to better understand the impact of the gene on edited cells. Because Milo’s an open platform, you’ll also have access to the full commercial catalog of Western antibodies. That gives you up to 100x more antibodies to choose from than the flow/FACS catalog.

o	Track cell differentiation by measuring edited gene and downstream markers at the single cell level with Milo
Cell derivative monitoring for cell therapy paper

Cell derivative monitoring for cell therapy

Track cell differentiations and inform protocol development by combining Single-Cell Westerns with research- or GMP-grade reagents to create high-quality, differentiated cell populations for use as cell therapies. Check out these two Application Notes that show how Single-Cell Westerns and GMP-grade differentiation reagents were used to generate neural differentiations and cardiac differentiations.

Measuring Cell Toxicity

Standardize your immunoassay

Simple Plex™ assays on the Ella™ platform eliminate all the manual steps you typically have to do when running an ELISA. Now you can measure IFN-gamma in your cell therapy toxicity screens with a higher level of throughput, reproducibility and sensitivity. Simple Plex assays only need 25 µL of sample, and are validated for use with a variety of sample types like serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and more.


Meet Ella

Automated ELISA system Ella runs assay cartridges with applications from neuroscience to cell therapy

Characterizing T Cells

Data on multiple analytes in parallel

Multianalyte Simple Plex assays on Ella run multiple analytes in parallel rather than multiplexing – so there’s no cross-reactivity. Immunoassays happen in discrete channels, giving you high-quality data for up to four analytes in just 90 minutes. See how you can start combining and creating panels for your T cells.

Simple Plex Assays for T Cell Characterization
Granzyme B IL-4 IL-17A
IFN-γ 3rd Gen IL-5 TGF-β1
IL-2 IL-10 TNF-α 2nd Gen
Automated ELISA system Ella from ProteinSimple runs high throughput multiplex assays