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Cell and Gene Therapy Response Profiling

Sensitivity, accuracy and speed are critical factors in successfully monitoring the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapies post-treatment. ProteinSimple platforms provide simple yet sophisticated solutions for biomarker and cell type profiling and characterization that minimize the sample volume needed for analysis.


High-resolution view of immune cell composition and function in the TME

The complexity and heterogeneity of immune cell signatures, combined with a finite sample, make the tumor microenvironment (TME) a particularly difficult area of investigation. In the Application note, Wes and Milo Synergize to Profile Immune Cell Populations in the Tumor Microenvironment, see how these two systems team up to deliver both the type of immune cell populations that are present in your sample, and what percentage of cells in that sample make up a specific immune cell subtype. You’ll also get these population-level and single-cell-level results much faster than other methods while conserving your precious sample.


Wes™ has been discontinued as of July 30th, 2021. ProteinSimple will continue service and support of the Wes platform through July 30th, 2026. Upgrade to Jess™ or Abby™ to have all the functionality of Wes with additional features like RePlex™ and Stellar™ High Sensitivity NIR/IR Detection (Jess only).

Car T Cell Biomarkers

Monitor for Cytokine Release Syndrome post CAR T therapy

Early identification of Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), the most common adverse reaction to T-cell infusion, requires rapid and accurate evaluation of the immune response to effectively correlate biomarker data with clinical evidence. In the poster Characterizing CAR T Cell Therapy Biomarkers Through Multianalyte Analysis, see how Ella let researchers at Moffit Cancer Center quantitate biomarkers in CAR T donor serum to generate unique immune response profiles. Ella’s Simple Plex assays let you accurately quantify and capture more datapoints per sample. Get results for up to 8 biomarkers per sample in 75 minutes, while using just 25 µL of precious sample. Find out how our wide range of validated Simple Plex assays can be used in your immune reactivity and inflammation research.

Automated ELISA system Ella from ProteinSimple runs high throughput multiplex assays

Solutions For Monitoring Cell Therapies In Patient Biopsies

In-situ hybridization with RNAscope™ assays from ACD enables specific detection of viral-vector based cell therapies in intact human tumor biopsies. Explore how these assays are used to monitor cell therapies in post-treatment patient biopsies and in preclinical animal models for safety and efficacy. View ACD’s solutions for Cell Therapy here at