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Video: Your Automated Single Cell Western Blot with Milo

Video Summary

Profile heterogeneity in your sample and validate your single-cell RNA-seq data with single-cell protein expression data using Milo's Single-Cell Western technology. Learn more about Milo.

About Milo and Single-Cell Western Blots

Meet Milo, the world's first Single-Cell Western platform.

Traditional protein analysis techniques pull thousands or hundreds of thousands of cells. They measure the average composition or behavior of these cells.

Milo performs single-cell resolution western blots that let you measure protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run.

This feature enables you to study cell-to-cell variability and make measurements you can't make any other way. With Milo, you can reveal novel insights about the role cell heterogeneity plays and health and disease.

Conventional Western Blots On Milo

Doing conventional western blots?

Milo can help you identify cell subtypes that aren't visible in traditional bulk western blots.

Have a protein target you can't measure with flow or mass cytometry?

Milo uses off-the-shelf, western validated antibodies to measure targets that don't have good flow antibodies and can easily quantify intracellular proteins like phosphorylated proteins, transcription factors, or protein isoforms.

Doing single-cell ribonucleic acid (RNA) studies?

Milo gives you direct protein validation of your single cell RNA data so you can be confident that your gene expression results are real.

Conducting Experiments With Milo

Experiments with Milo are simple. You can get Single-Cell Western blot results in about four hours.

All you do is load your cell suspension and the SC West chip partitions the cells in micro wells capturing approximately 1,000 single-cells per chip.

Milo then lizas the cells and the array does a fast one-minute sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) separation on each single-cell lysate and uses ultraviolet (UV) light to immobilize the separated protein bands in the gel.

This eliminates the transfer step of traditional western blots. Then, just use your favorite conventional western blot antibodies to probe the chip for up to four targets per cell simultaneously.

Image the chip fluorescence and use Scout software to quantify the protein peaks in each single-cell separation. Tailor the flexible workflow to your protein targets and samples of interest.

Unlock the single-cell proteome with Milo.

Learn more about Milo