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Abby - The Next Generation Western Protein Analyzer
I want better sensitivity from my Western
Reviewers are asking me to normalize to total protein
I want to investigate total / phospho targets
I need to conserve my precious sample

The Next Generation Western Protein Analyzer

Abby is the next generation chemiluminescence western protein analyzer who moves your Westerns into the 21st century. She automates protein size separation and immunodetection while delivering analyzed results of 24 samples in 3 hours. Abby saves the time spent in the lab carrying out traditional Western blot steps such as antibody additions, incubations, and washes. She delivers picogram-level sensitivity through chemiluminescence detection and workflow automation. You'll never want to touch a traditional Western blot again!

Meet Abby: The Next Generation Chemiluminescence Western System

Abby automates the protein separation and immunodetection of traditional Western blotting, eliminating many of the tedious, error-prone steps. Just load your samples and reagents into the microplate, and Abby does the rest. She separates your proteins by size and precisely manages antibody additions, incubations, washes, detection steps, and even the analysis. Come back to fully analyzed and quantitated results of 24 samples in as little as 3 hours. With Abby’s chemiluminescent detection you’ll get picogram-level sensitivity, letting you maximize the data you get from your sample. Best of all, you get reliable and reproducible results with target normalization to the amount of protein loaded.

More Information About Abby

Abby re-imagines traditional Westerns with automated western blot technology. Simple Western assays on Abby are automated, capillary-based immunoassays that overcome complexities inherent to traditional Western. Abby automates Western blotting protocol steps such as antibody additions, incubations, and washes. Having problems detecting your protein of interest? No problem! Her picogram sensitivity and total protein detection, combined with fully analyzed results in 3 – 5 hours, ensure that you'll never want to touch a traditional Western blot again!

Chemiluminescent detection: Are you working with low abundance proteins or have little sample to spare for analysis? Abby solves both problems with her chemiluminescent detection. Enjoy picogram-level sensitivity that enables you to get the most data out of your samples.

Total Protein normalization. Reviewers are moving away from accepting normalization by housekeeping proteins due to their expression variability across different sample types. RePlex with Abby provides a more reliable method of normalizing to total protein.

What does Simple Western data on Abby look like?

Abby’s fully analyzed results can be viewed in either lane or electropherogram views. You can use the lane view option to compare band intensity or quantitatively analyze protein size and concentration. Compare the expression of proteins of interest to total protein. Data analysis with Compass’s user-friendly software is quick and easy. Save graph and baseline options with run files and quickly annotate lane view results with Compass lane view features. Lane annotation with Compass 6.0 saves hours spent annotating data in other programs. Spend more time thinking about your next paper and less time interpreting the results.


Abby Applications

Cancer & Immuno-Oncology

Transform your Cancer & Immuno-oncology research by utilizing next-generation western blotting tools to give you richer views into your samples.


Reduce your lab time with automated simple western systems while accelerating your COVID-19 research. Set up, leave and remotely review your data in just 3 hours!

Cell & Gene Therapy

Next-generation analytical instrumentation to help improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows.

Targeted Degradation

Boost your screening studies using high throughput & hands-free Simple Western systems for quantitative analysis.

SARS-CoV-2 Serology

Quantitatively characterize serum or plasma human IgG antibodies reactive against 5 key viral antigens within one 3-hour run!


A validated workflow for protein analysis in extracellular vesicle samples from the leaders in exosome isolation and high sensitivity western blotting solutions.

Description Total Protein Specification Chemiluminescence Specification
Sample required 0.3-1.2 µg 0.6-1.2 µg
Volume required 3 µL/well
Size range Molecular weight (MW) ladder ranges from 2-440 kDa
Sizing CV <10%
Intra-assay CV <15%
Inter-assay CV 20%* <20%**
Resolution (± percent difference in MW) ± 15-20% for MW <20 kDA
± 10% for MW >20 kDa
Quantitation CV <20% (total protein, chemiluminescence and fluorescence)
Dynamic range 2-3 logs 3-4 logs
Sensitivity ng Low pg
Capillary 5 cm, 100 µm, 400 nL
Runtime <3 hours
RePlex: 5 hours
Samples per run 13 or 25
Weight 21 kg
Dimensions (closed) 0.36 m H X 0.36 m W X 0.57 m D
Dimensions (open) 0.36 m H x 0.53 m W x 0.57 m D
Power US/CAN 120 V AC, 60 hz, 4.2 amps
Europe 240 AC, 50 Hz, 2.1 amps
Japan 100 AC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0 amps
Operating temperature 18-24 °C
Operating humidity 20-60% relative, non-condensing
* inter-assay CV is with system control
** percent peak area