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Translating Traditional Western Blots to Simple Western is Fast and Easy

Posted March 23, 2023

"Using Simple Western has been extremely rewarding, especially due to how easy it was to transfer our western blotting assays to a fully automated format on Simple Western and how well CST antibodies perform on the platform."

- Chris LaBreck, Ph.D., Senior Product Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology (CST)

Best-In-Class CST Antibodies Validated for Simple Western

Since the first Simple Western™ instrument was introduced in 2009, users have relied heavily on the extensive catalog of high-quality primary antibodies from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) to develop their assays. Dr. Chris LaBreck, a Senior Product Scientist at CST, acknowledges that “customers are increasingly using automated western blotting platforms like Simple Western by ProteinSimple in their daily workflows.”

Now, Simple Western has partnered with CST to provide CST antibodies validated specifically for Simple Western. “We want our customers to have access to best-in-class CST antibodies that have been validated by CST scientists on the Jess Simple Western instrument,” Chris explains.

Simple Western is an Open Antibody Platform for Custom Assays

Simple Western is the only platform on the market that provides a fully automated western blotting workflow, offering high reproducibility, sensitivity, and quantitation, in addition to time and cost savings. As an open capillary western blot platform, Simple Western users may choose any commercial or custom antibody for specific detection of target proteins and protein isoforms.

So why do so many researchers choose CST antibodies? Because CST is committed to developing and producing the highest quality products that enable customers to drive innovation. With Simple Western added as an application to the CST catalog, Simple Western users can optimize their assay development faster.

CST Antibody Validation on Simple Western is Quick and Automated

Simple Western assays take place inside a capillary western blot instrument like Jess™, which can process 25 samples in just 3 hours using fluorescence or chemiluminescence detection. Once samples and antibodies are loaded on the plate, Jess takes care of the rest, so antibody validation on Simple Western is fast and easy. “We initially screened 100 CST antibodies on the Jess. This testing only required 34 runs spanning a two-month period.” He continues, “we were able to successfully validate three CST antibodies in a single Jess run using the 25-capillary cartridges.”

A Lasting Partnership for a Broader CST Antibody Validation Portfolio

As part of this partnership with CST, more antibodies will be validated for Simple Western, including site-specific antibodies for studying important molecular signaling pathways. Chris confirms that they “are continuing to test additional cohorts from our antibody portfolio by Simple Western and will continue to share this information with our customers.” CST antibody validation results are published on CST product webpages as well as Bio-Techne datasheets.

In his free time, Chris enjoys cycling and kayaking on the north shore of Massachusetts and the southern coast of Rhode Island. At CST, Chris works cross-functionally to manage, generate, characterize, and provide technical support for a diverse portfolio of antibody products. “I’ve always been inspired by the potential of science and technology to enrich our lives and help sustain the environment.” His group manages a large portfolio of antibody products that are relevant for a wide variety of cell biology pathways, including cancer biology.

Chris said working with ProteinSimple and the Simple Western platform has been a great pleasure. “Using Simple Western has been extremely rewarding, especially due to how easy it was to transfer our western blotting assays to a fully automated format on Simple Western and how well CST antibodies perform on the platform,” adding, “we would recommend Simple Western to our valued customers based on the positive experience we’ve had!”

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