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Natural Killer (NK) Cells 

When used as an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP), NK cells can be redirected to kill a specific tumor cell or virus-infected cell population. The balance of activating and inhibitory NK cell receptor signaling can also be manipulated with the goal of enhancing cell activation. These engineered NK cells are then expanded ex vivo for use as personalized adoptive cell therapies.

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Cell culture

Isolation and Cell Culture for NK Cells

Get away from using irradiated feeder cells for your NK expansions. Adopt a simplified and cleaner process. Our ProDots™ Proteins, ExCellerate™ Media, and Cloudz™ Cell Activation Kits are optimized for use together. We offer directly comparable RUO and GMP grades for seamless transition from research to manufacturing.


Cell Selection

Pro dots

Cytokines & Growth Factors

GMP ProDots Proteins (R&D Systems) are formulated as dissolvable spheres enclosed inside sterile, weldable bags for closed processing cytokine addition.

Animal-Free GMP Proteins are produced in dedicated controlled-access laboratories to prevent potential contamination by animal components or byproducts.

GMP small molecules

Small Molecules

GMP small molecules promote somatic cell reprogramming to iPSC prior to NK cell differentiation - our ancillary grade small molecules facilitate simple translation from research-use to GMP.

Cell culture

Cell Culture Media

ExCellerate Human NK Cell Expansion Media is serum-free and xeno-free for the expansion of CD56+ cells from human PBMCs or purified CD3+ cell-depleted PBMCs.

Custom GMP media (R&D Systems) can be packaged in bags for direct welding into closed system processes.


Cell Expansion Kits

Cloudz™ Human NK Cell Expansion Kit is based on dissolvable CD2/NKp46 microspheres for >100-fold expansion of CD3-CD56+ NK cells from PBMCs.

Download our application note on the detection of Cloudz microspheres with Micro-Flow Imaging™.

Fold expansion graph

NK Fold Expansion

NK cells were expanded from human PBMCs by treatment with the Cloudz NK Cell Kit along with ExCellerate NK Cell Media and human IL-2, IL-12, IL-18, and IL-21 proteins. Cells were evaluated at Days 0, 7, 9, and 14 for fold expansion.

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GMP ProDots Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
Pro dots

Gene Engineering with Any Platform...

  • TcBuster™ Gene Transfer System is transposon-based for improved integration rates compared to traditional methods.
  • Traditional knock-in gene editing methods.
  • Generation of high frequency gene knock-outs, knock-ins, or multiplex edits.
  • Small molecule Viral Transduction Enhancers.

TcBuster (R&D Systems), CRISPR-Cas9 and Tranduction Enhancers

Bio-Techne GMP Facility for Manufacturing GMP-Grade T-Cell products

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

  • ISO7 cleanrooms for manufacturing GMP-grade engineered cells or processing Phase I/II trial samples.
  • Advance to clinical testing in 4 months.

Attain Your Manufacturing Requirements

Small molecules

Vector Characterization with Automated Instrumentation

  • Maurice ™ cIEF Systems for analysis of the charge heterogeneity of your virus vector for stability and identity.
  • Simple Western™ Systems for automated Western blots to monitor virus capsids during purification.
  • Simple Plex™ immunoassays for viral vector immunotitration.

Meet Our Automated Solutions

TcBuster(TM) - A next-generation non-viral gene delivery system

TcBuster™ Gene Transfer System

TcBuster is a next-generation non-viral genetic modification system with the potential to deliver therapeutic payloads to various cell types to address a broad range of therapeutic applications.

Along with other non-viral gene therapy platforms, TcBuster has been extensively studied as a tool for intracellular gene transfer for cell and gene therapy. TcBuster can revolutionize your biological research and can provide you with the tool you need to make useful cell lines, produce proteins, vaccines and much more.

NK Cell Characterization

Characterize your cells at every manufacturing stage to ensure a robust process. Confirm that they exhibit the correct phenotype and their purity meets your requirements. Our extensive selection of premium reagents and instruments allows you to quickly analyze cell surfaces and secretory profiles and to screen for residual contaminants.

Cell characterization

Cell Phenotype


Cell Function and Potency

  • Luminex® assays multiplex key biomarkers to confirm phenotype.
  • ELISA kits quantify cytokine production.
  • Simple Plex™ automates multi-analyte NK cell secretion profile analysis in 90 minutes, including IFN-g, TNF-a, and dozens more.

Contaminant Screening

NK cells

Tissue Biopsy and NK Cell Localization

Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP)-compliant RNAscope™ ISH analysis for clinical and preclinical studies.

Learn about RNAscope™ ISH Technology Today

Profiling Immune Cell Populations

Natural killer cells

Rigorously qualified flow cytometry antibodies distinguish NK cell subsets according to multiple NCR, NKG2, Nectin, and KIR receptor family members. Figures show clear differences in NK receptor expression within the NK cell population.

Natural killer cells

Single-Cell Western analysis of NK cell culture showing heterogeneity of CD3 and CD56 expression. Dots in this figure represent single cells, clustered in distinct populations based on these two surface markers. 

Gene engineering

Gene Engineering

Complex genetic modification confers precise functional activity but can be difficult to perform in NK cells. Why not let our in-house experts support your program? We offer solutions for both non-viral and virus-based gene editing as well as Process Development Services. We specialize in complex gene knock-outs/knock-ins, conditional knock-outs, and site-specific genome engineering.

* Luminex is a registered trademark of Luminex Corporation.