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ExCellerate™ Human NK Cell Expansion Media, Xeno-Free

For robust NK cell expansion under xeno-free conditions.

Key Product Details

Features: Media for the ex vivo expansion and culture of human Natural Killer lymphocytes under xeno-free conditions.
Key Benefits:
  • Robust NK cell expansion under serum-free and xeno-free conditions
  • Optimized for use with the Cloudz™ NK Cell Activation Kit
  • Compatible with a variety of NK cell activation methods
  • Supports NK cell expansion from PBMCs or purified CD3+-depleted PBMCs
Fold Expansion of NK Cells using ExCellerate NK Expansion Media and Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit (CLD004)

Assay Procedure

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  • Can serum-free media be used to expand NK cells in the Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit, Catalog # CLD004? 

    Yes. We have found a robust expansion of NK cells using Bio-Techne brand ExCellerate Human NK Cell Expansion Media, Xeno-Free, Catalog # CCM032.  We have found that this medium is a superior alternative to other serum-free medias on the market. 

  • Can frozen PBMCs  be used as the starting population for NK cell expansion with Catalog #s CLD004 and CCM032?

    Frozen PBMCs work well as a starting population for subsequent NK cell expansion using CLD004. Cells should be thawed and washed twice at 300 x g for 5 minutes, to remove cryoprotectant. Gentle mixing is recommended. Allow the cells to rest for 1-4 hours in a 37 C incubator prior to expansion. 

  • What is the expected viability of cells after 9 days of culture, when following the Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit protocol with ExCellerate™ Human NK Cell Expansion Media, Xeno-Free media, catalog # CCM032?

    The expected cell viability is 70-90%. 

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