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Bundle and SAVE Big on Your Next Analytical Instrument Purchase!

Take advantage of our Bundle and Save promotion and save up to 20% on the purchase of multiple ProteinSimple instruments.

Our analytical platforms — Maurice™Jess™Ella™, and MFI™ — give you the automation and scalability you need to get your cell and gene therapy products to market quickly, safely, and efficiently.

  • Save 15% off the total purchase price when you
    Purchase 2 different systems (i.e. Ella + Jess = 15% off!)
  • Save 20% off the total purchase price when you
    purchase 3 different systems (i.e. Maurice + Jess + MFI = 20% off!)
  • Save a minimum of $30K on your bundle purchase!

To get a quote on your bundle, fill out the form on this page and select the instruments you are interested in.  

Bundle and Save! save 15% when you purchase two instruments, save 20% on three instruments

Rapid and Accurate Analysis

Governed by rigorous quality assurance measures, our automated platforms help ensure your cell and gene therapy instruments meet your precise quality, purity, and performance requirements. Instrument methods can be seamlessly transferred across lab and project phases, giving you consistent, reproducible results no matter your throughput need.  

Maurice Instrument

Protein Analysis Made Easy

Maurice is a fully integrated icIEF and CE-SDS system that enables you to determine the identity, purity, and stability of your viral vectors and LNPs with absorbance and native fluorescence detection. With method development in as little as a day, Maurice also enables assessment of empty and full AAV capsids.

Jess Instrument Simple Western

High Sensitivity Multiplexing

Jess is an automated capillary immunoassay that seamlessly combines CE-SDS with multiplex immunodetection for multi-attribute analysis of viral vectors like AAV and lentivirus. Get fully quantitative Western blot data in 3 hours with only 3 µL of sample.

Ella Instrument Simple Plex

Automated ELISAs

Ella gives you rapid automated ELISAs with a high level of throughput, reproducibility, and ease of assay transfer. Profile cytokines, measure viral titer, process impurities, and rapidly characterize cell expansion and functionality with parallel multianalyte analysis from the same sample.

MFI instrument

Accurate Particle Analysis

Micro-flow Imaging (MFI) lets you detect, quantify, and identify subvisible particles in your cell and gene therapy products. MFI can detect small numbers of residual beads in CAR T cell preparations and detect aggregation of AAV vectors.

Accurate Testing Requires Advanced Tools

Getting your cell and gene therapy products to market quickly and efficiently requires accurate testing of critical attributes. That's where we deliver. We have all the analytical tools you need to meet your precise quality, purity, and performance demands.

Critical Quality Attribute Key Question Attribute Detail Simple Western Simple Plex Maurice
Identity Do I have the right virus in this product? Is my virus present in the sample? Yes Yes Yes
Am I confident it is the right virus? Yes Yes Yes
Potency How many viral particles do I have? Physical viral titer Yes Yes  
How well is my virus working? Functional viral titer Yes    
How much protein is expressed after treatment? Protein Expression Potency Yes Yes  
Are the VP ratios optimized to maximize infectivity? Capsid protein ratio (VP ratios) Yes   Yes
Purity Are there any protein contaminants in my product? Process-related impurities Yes Yes Yes
Host cell-related impurities Yes Yes Yes
Can you estimate the empty/full status of my sample? Capsid Content (Empty/Full) Yes   Yes
Stability Does my vial product aggregate? Aggregate formation     MFI
Is my viral product stable? Product stability     Yes

Assemble the best instrument bundle for your unique analytical needs and get ready to accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflow. Fill out the form on this page to take advantage of our “Bundle an Save” offer on the ProteinSimple instruments of your choice.

Terms and Conditions: Offer available to cell and gene therapy lab companies only. Bundle offer applies to the following ProteinSimple analytical instruments: Ella, Jess, Maurice, and MFI. Buy 2 systems and get a 15% discount off the total. Or buy 3 systems and get a 20% discount off the total. Must purchase different systems to qualify. Discount applies to instruments only. Subject to availability, systems must be purchased at the same time. Offer valid in Europe and North America only. Offer only valid on orders placed directly with Bio-Techne and excludes Bio-Techne distributors. Other exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, for prior purchases, or orders pending. No credits will be issued. Bio-Techne terms and conditions apply.