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Webinar: Get Your Therapies to Market Faster with Quick and Accurate Testing for Lentivirus and AAVs

Webinar Summary

Modern medicines call for modern technologies. Revolutionary cell and gene therapies offer significant promise to treat life-threatening diseases. Getting therapies to market quickly and efficiently requires accurate testing of critical quality attributes, including accurate viral vector analysis. Today’s cell and gene therapies leverage two key viral vectors: Lentivirus vectors (LVV) and adeno-associated virus (AAV). 

In this technical seminar, you will learn how Simple Western by Bio-Techne can improve your vector analytics. Simple Western instruments are multi-attribute machines for both lentivirus and AAVs. They provide rapid assessment of viral titer and impurity analysis for both lentivirus and AAV. Plus, they provide insight into capsid protein ratio and empty/full content ratio for AAVs. You will discover how Simple Western can easily fit into your current workflows and adapt to your changing needs, including analysis of newer viral vector modalities like retroviruses. You will also learn how our Simple Plex and Maurice platforms along with Simple Western can provide a complete solution for your viral vector analytics. 



Chris Heger, P.h.D.
Director, Applications Science