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Clone Selection Made Simple

Getting to the right clone for the highest yield and quality as early as possible may seem difficult – but with our flexible, automated, high-throughput solutions rapid, confident clone selection can be a reality!

Take the hassle out of screening, selection, characterization and clone verification – in less time, with no clean up stages and get better data quality than ever before.

protein bioprocessing clone selection

Which Clones to Grow and Which to Leave Behind?

Making this decision early on in the development pipeline will save you time later on… but when characterizing a clone is tedious, requires long hours, and involves a vast array of technologies, screening candidates early-on may not seem like an option.

Let Simple Western™ platforms help you pick the right clone, faster:

  • Say goodbye to multiple purification steps – even with complex mixtures
  • Low sample volume requirements – cuts down clone propagation time
  • Determine multiple characteristics – confirmation of molecular weight, protein yield and product quality – with just one machine!
  • Get size analysis of proteins from 2 kDa to 440 kDa with picogram-level sensitivity with just 3 μL to 5 μL of starting material.
  • Under time pressure? Jess™ and Abby™ run 25 samples in 3 hours flat.
  • Lots of clones to screen? Sally Sue™, Peggy Sue™, and the NanoPro™ 1000 run 96 samples overnight.

Are My Clones Producing High-Quality Theraputics?

Input so little, get out so much!

If there was a super-fast, simple method to analyze the safety, purity and potency of your clones, would you want to know about it?

Discover our automated solutions to help you quickly and reliably select a healthy and stable clone:

  • Peggy Sue, Maurice C., and iCE3 can produce charge heterogeneity profiles with as little as 5 µL and in as little as 10 minutes per sample. 
  • Maurice S. accurately confirms purity and heterogeneity of your target protein in just 35 minutes with its robust CE-SDS  method.
protein bioprocessing milo

Are my Clone Selections Monoclonal?

Step away from population level resolution of Western blotting and off-target binding of flow cytometry, and embrace the Single-Cell Western revolution.

With Single-Cell Westerns on Milo, you can verify monoclonality of 1,000 single-cells simultaneously.


Are My Clones Producing The Right Antibody?

Be sure to select the right antibody clone and accelerate your antibody discovery and engineering, with minimal disruption and maximum results.

Our cutting-edge exosome isolation and analysis services are here to help you dynamically assess the antibody repertoire. Characterize your clones without disrupting the cell of origin through exosomal analysis.

Expedite your clone selection with Exosome Dx.