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NanoPro 1000

NanoPro 1000 System - Simple Western charge assays
My sample is precious and I don't have enough for other methods
I need more than size data
I have too many samples and need higher throughput protein characterization

Simple Western charge assays

NanoPro™ 1000 gives you all the detailed info you need on your proteins—including characterization of post-translational protein modifications. He also runs the widest pl 3 to 10 gradient and analyzes up to 96 samples at a time to boot. Did we mention he's a conservationist too? Use as few as 25 cells per assay, even when you're characterizing low abundance proteins in limited cell populations. So save your cells and a chunk of time too!

More Information About NanoPro 1000

Description Immunoassay Charge Specification
Sample Required 0.6-1.2 µg
Volume Required 5-12 µL/well
Size or pI Range Widest gradient ranges from pI 3 to pI 10
Sizing CV <10%
Intra-assay CV <20%
Inter-assay CV <20%
Resolution (± percent difference in MW) ± 0.1 pI units
Quantitation CV <20%
Dynamic Range 3 logs
Sensitivity Low pg
Capillary 5 cm, 100 µm, 400 nL