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Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue System - Two ways to get separation, identification and quantitation
I need more than size data
I have too many samples and need higher throughput protein characterization

Two ways to get separation, identification and quantitation

Peggy Sue™ lets you separate and analyze proteins by size or charge from 2-440 kDa either by immunoassay or total protein. Got small sample volumes or starting materials? No problem. She uses as little as 0.2 µg/µL of protein in just 5 µL of sample, and runs up to 96 samples in one experiment. Charge ahead and do more with Peggy Sue!

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Peggy Sue Applications

Cancer & Immuno-Oncology

Transform your Cancer & Immuno-oncology research by utilizing next-generation western blotting tools to give you richer views into your samples.


Reduce your lab time with automated simple western systems while accelerating your COVID-19 research. Set up, leave and remotely review your data in just 3 hours!

Cell & Gene Therapy

Next-generation analytical instrumentation to help improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows.

Targeted Degradation

Boost your screening studies using high throughput & hands-free Simple Western systems for quantitative analysis.

SARS-CoV-2 Serology

Quantitatively characterize serum or plasma human IgG antibodies reactive against 5 key viral antigens within one 3-hour run!


A validated workflow for protein analysis in extracellular vesicle samples from the leaders in exosome isolation and high sensitivity western blotting solutions.

Description Total Protein Specification Immunoassay Size Specification Immunoassay Charge Specification
Sample Required 0.3-1.2 µg lysate 0.6-1.2 µg 0.6-1.2 µg
Volume Required 3-5 µL/well 3-5 µL/well 5-12 µL/well
Size or pI Range Molecular weight (MW) ladders range from 2-440 kDa Molecular weight (MW) ladders range from 2-440 kDa Widest gradient ranges from pI 3 to pI 10
Sizing CV <10% <10% <10%
Intra-assay CV <15% <15% <20%
Inter-assay CV <20% <20% <20%
Resolution (± percent difference in MW) ± 15-20% for MW <20 kDa ±10 % for MW > 20 kDa ± 15-20% for MW <20 kDa ±10 % for MW > 20 kDa ± 0.1 pI units
Quantitation CV <20% <20% <20%
Dynamic Range 2-3 logs 3 logs 3 logs
Sensitivity ng Low pg Low pg
Capillary 5 cm, 100 µm, 400 nL